Author(s) :
Aïcha Bouzid (ENIT, Tunisia)
Noureddine Ellouze (ENIT, Tunisia)
Abstract : Nowadays, new techniques of speech processing such as speech recognition and speech synthesis use the glottal clo-sure and opening instants. Recognition techniques use them for the vocal folds description and for the classification of speaker’s state or for speaker classification, and speech syn-thesis techniques use them for the speech timbre. In an effort to develop techniques that enhance data-driven techniques in speaker characterisation for speech synthesis, this paper describes a new method for automatically deter-mining the location of the closed phase delimited by the glottal closure and opening instants. The proposed approach for detecting the glottal opening is based on multiscale products of wavelet transform of speech signal at different scales with enhancement of edge detection and estimation. It is shown that the method is effective and robust for speech singularity detection such as glottal open-ing instant as product is a processing which reinforces edge detection.