3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z
3 top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

3-Dimensional Digital Fingerprint of Paintings

3D Video Coding Via Motion Compensation of Superpixels

A top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

A 1 Gbin/s CABAC Encoder for H.264/AVC

A 16-65 Cycles/MB H.264/AVC Motion Compensation Architecture for Quad-HD Applications

A Bayesian Approach for Noise Suppression of Speech Signal in Real Environment

A Bimodal Sound Source Model for Vehicle Tracking in Traffic Monitoring

A BSS-based Approach for Localization of Simultaneous Speakers in Reverberant Conditions

A Co-training Approach to Automatic Face Recognition

A CoMP Downlink Transmission System Verified by Cellular Field Trials

A Comparative Study of alpha-Divergence Based NMF Techniques for fMRI Analysis

A Compression Method for 3-D Laser Range Scans of Indoor Environments Based on Compressive Sensing

A Compressive Sampling Scheme for Iterative Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction

A Computing Method for Linear Convolution in the DCT Domain

A Cross-Relation Based Affine Projection Algorithm for Blind SIMO System Identification

A CUDA Implementation of Independent Component Analysis in the Time-Frequency Domain

A Detailed Analysis of Multi-Sensor Fusion of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

A Deterministic Analysis of Linearly Constrained Adaptive Filtering Algorithms

A Fast Intra Encoder of Frame-compatible Format Based on Content Similarity for 3D Distribution

A Fast Method for Computing the Output of Rank Order Filters Within Arbitrarily Shaped Windows

A Game-Theoretic Interpretation of Iterative Decoding

A Geometrically Constrained Multimodal Time Domain Approach for Convolutive Blind Source Separation

A Guided Approach for Automatic Segmentation and Modeling of the Vocal Tract in MRI Images

A Hierarchical Multiwavelet Based Stereo Correspondence Matching Technique

A High-Performance Architecture of JPEG2000 Encoder

A Joint Trellis Coded Quantization (TCQ) Data Hiding Scheme in the JPEG2000 Part 2 Coding Framework

A Kalman-Like FIR Estimator Ignoring Noise and Initial Conditions

A Mathematical Approach Towards Semi-Automatic Image Annotation

A Model for Quasi-Periodic Signals with Application to Rain Estimation From Microwave Link Gain

A Multi-Sensor Network for the Protection of Cultural Heritage

A New Error Bound for MIMO Discrete-Time State-Space Transversal Estimators

A New Family of Robust Non Gaussian Detectors Based on a Geometric Heuristic

A New Structure for the Design of Variable Fractional-Delay FIR Filters

A Novel Fourier Transform Estimation Method Using Random Sampling

A Performance of Bayesian Semi-Blind FIR Channel Estimation Algorithms in SIMO Systems

A Pitch Estimation Filter Robust to High Levels of Noise (PEFAC)

A Population Monte Carlo Method for Bayesian Inference and Application to Stochastic Kinetic Models

A Ray Tracing Simulation of Sound Diffraction Based on Analytic Secondary Source Model

A Real-Time Stereo Matching Algorithm Using Graphic Hardware and Hierarchical Method

A Reduced Reference Image Quality Metric Based on Feature Fusion and Neural Networks

A Saccade-Related Noise Reduction in EEG Signals Using Outer Product Expansion with Reference Signal

A SARS Multiband Spectrum Sensing Method in Wideband Communication Systems Using RSG

A Selective Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter Exploiting an Efficient Subset of Subbands

A Stable and Efficient Algorithm for Difficult Non-Orthogonal Joint Diagonalization Problems

A SVD-Based Classification of Bird Singing in Different Time-Frequency Domains Using Multitapers

A Systematic Strategy for Robust Automatic Dialect Identification

A Visual Saliency Modulated Just Noticeable Distortion Profile for Image Watermarking

A Weighted Fastmap Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Nodes Localization

Accurate Minimax Design of Variable Fractional-Delay Filters Using Linearized Octagonal Constraints

Achievable Sum-Rates in the Two-User Gaussian Multiple-Access Channel with a MIMO-AF-Relay

Adaptive Color Decorrelation for Predictive Image Codecs

Adaptive Hidden Markov Models for Noise Modelling

Adaptive NLMS Diagonally-Interpolated Volterra Filters for Network Echo Cancellation

Adaptive Packet Error Rate Target for Energy Efficient Packet Delivery

Adaptive Sampling for Fast Sparsity Pattern Recovery

Adaptive Structured Block Sparsity Via Dyadic Partitioning

Adaptive Wavelet Image Decomposition Using LAD Criterion

Additive Discrete Linear Canonical Transform and Other Additive Discrete Operations

Algorithm Comparison for Karcher Mean Computation of Rotation Matrices and Diffusion Tensors

An Accurate and Automatic Color Correction Method for Digital Films Based on a Physical Model

An Adaptive Modulation Precoding Scheme for Mean BER Minimisation of ISI MIMO Channels

An Adaptive Multiple Position Room Response Equalizer

An Algebraic Derivative-Based Method for R Wave Detection

An Angular Frequency Domain Metric for the Evaluation of Wave Field Rendering Techniques

An EM Approach for Poisson-Gaussian Noise Modeling

An Extended Multiresolution Approach to Mouth Specific AAM Fitting for Speech Recognition

An Extension of the MUSIC Algorithm to Broadband Scenarios Using Polynomial Eigenvalue Decomposition

An Image Filter Technique to Relax Particle Image Velocimetry

An Improved Adaptive Predictor for Uncorrelated Noise Reduction in Hearing Aids

An ISA Algorithm with Unknown Group Sizes Identifies Meaningful Clusters in Metabolomics Data

An Optimal Video-Surveillance Approach for HDR Videos Tone Mapping

An Uncertainty Estimation Approach for the Extraction of Source Features in Multisource Recordings

Analysis of a Robot Positioning System Based on a Rotating Receiver, Beacons, and Coded Signals

Analysis of Normalized Correlation Algorithm for Adaptive Filters in Impulsive Noise Environments

Analysis of Seismic Behavior of a Building From Turkey Using Real Earthquake Records

Analysis of the Deficient Length Prediction Error Method in a Hearing Aid's Feedback Canceller

Analysis Operator Learning for Overcomplete Cosparse Representations

Analytical Assessment of the Performance Impact of Spectrum Sharing in Cellular Networks

Antenna Subset Selection in Distributed Multiple-Radar Architectures: a Knapsack Problem Formulation

Application of Large Macroblocks in H.264/AVC to Wavelet-Based Scalable Video Transcoding

Application of Tonal Index to Pulmonary Wheezes Detection in Asthma Monitoring

Applications of Coding and Information Theory in Biometrics

Approximation of Real Impulse Response Using IIR Structures

Array Calibration with Modified Iterative HOS-SOS (MIHOSS) Algorithm

Articulatory Parameter Generation Using Unsupervised Hidden Markov Models

Assessment of Audio Features for Automatic Cough Detection

Asymptotically Consistent One-Bit Detection in Large Sensor Networks

Audio-visual Isolated Digit Recognition for Whispered Speech

Automated Detection and Grading of Hard Exudates From Retinal Fundus Images

Automatic Modulation Classifier for Military Applications

Automatic Music Mood Classification Via Low-Rank Representation

B top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Bayesian Filtering for Nonlinear State-Space Models in Symmetric Alpha-Stable Measurement Noise

Bayesian Partial Out-of-focus Blur Removal with Parameter Estimation

BER Optimized Unimode Precoder Design for MIMO-OFDM Based Spatial Multiplexing Systems

Best Linear Unbiased Estimator Algorithm for Received Signal Strength Based Localization

Bezout-Based Robust Precoding for MIMO Frequency Selective Channel Using Imperfect Channel Knowledge

Binaural Voice Activity Detection for MWF-based Noise Reduction in Binaural Hearing Aids

Bio-Inspired Swarming for Dynamic Radio Access Based on Diffusion Adaptation

Blind Channel Identification of MISO Systems Based on the CP Decomposition of Cumulant Tensors

Blind Channel Shortening of ADSL Channels with a Single-Channel Linear Predictor

Blind Estimation of Mixed Noise Parameters in Images Using Robust Regression Curve Fitting

Blind Estimation of the Coherent-to-Diffuse Energy Ratio From Noisy Speech Signals

Blind Multiband Spectrum Signals Reconstruction Algorithms Comparison

Block-Adaptive Interpolation Filter for Sub-Pixel Motion Compensation

C top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Capacity Evaluation with Channel Estimation Error for the Decode-and-Forward Relay PLC Networks

Catalog-Based Single-Channel Speech-Music Separation for Automatic Speech Recognition

Cepstral Weighting for Speech Dereverberation Without Musical Noise

Character Prototype Selection for Handwriting Recognition in Historical Documents

Characterization and Adaptive Texture Synthesis-Based Compression Scheme

Characterizing Working Memory Load Using EEG Delta Activity

Classification of Listener Linguistic Vocalisations in Interactive Meetings

Closed-Form Blind MIMO Channel Estimation for OSTBCs: Resolving Ambiguities in Rotatable Codes

Clutter Suppression for Moving Targets Detection with Wideband Radar

Cognitive Control Channels for the Cooperation of Opportunistic and Composite Wireless Networks

Coherent and Incoherent Interference Reduction Using a Subband Tradeoff Beamformer

Coherent Noise Removal in Seismic Data with Redundant Multiscale Directional Filters

Collaborative Spectrum Sensing Based on Upper Bound on Joint PDF of Extreme Eigenvalues

Combination of Adaptive Filters for Relative Navigation

Combinations of Proportionate Adaptive Filters in Acoustics: an Application to Active Noise Control

Common Error Hierarchical NLMS Algorithm

Comparing Deterministic and Stochastic Properties of Fronto-Normal Gait Using Delay Vector Variance

Comparison of Classifiers in Audio and Acceleration Based Context Classification in Mobile Phones

Comparison of Multiple-Microphone and Single-Loudspeaker Adaptive Feedback/echo Cancellation Systems

Comparison of Subspace-Based and Steered Beamformer-Based Reflection Localization Methods

Compressed Sensing for Volterra and Polynomial Regression Models

Compressed Sensing with Shannon-Kotel'nikov Mapping in the Presence of Noise

Consistent Reconstruction of the Input of an Oversampled Filter Bank From Noisy Subbands

Constellation Shaping for Broadcast Channels in Practical Situations

Constrained Time-Variant Signal Modeling for Identifying Colliding Harmonics in Sound Mixtures

Construction and Evaluation of an Articulatory Model of the Vocal Tract

Convolutive Blind Source Separation Based on GDFT Filterbanks and Pre-determined Subband Whitening

Cooperative Localization Using Efficient Kalman Filtering for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Cooperative MIMO Precoders for Energy-Efficient Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network

CRB for Active Radar

CRC-aided Iterative Optimal Detection for MIMO-OFDM Systems with Linear Precoding

Crosstalk Cancellation in 3D Video with Local Contrast Reduction

Cyclostationary Autocorrelation Based CFO Estimators

D top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

DCT Type-III for Multicarrier Modulation

Decentralized Phase Synchronization Scheme for Collaborative Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Networks

Deflation-based FastICA Reloaded

Delayless Soft-Decision Decoding of High-Quality Audio with Adaptively Shaped Priors

Denoising with Greedy-Like Pursuit Algorithms

Dependent Gaussian Mixture Models for Source Separation

Design of Variable Fractional Order Differentiator Using Expansion of Hyperbolic Function

Designs of Low Delay Cosine Modulated Filter Banks and Subband Amplifiers

Detection of Exudates From Digital Fundus Images Using a Region-Based Segmentation Technique

Development of Prototype Sound Direction Control System Using a Two-Dimensional Loudspeaker Array

Diffusion-based Bias-Compensated RLS for Distributed Estimation Over Adaptive Sensor Networks

Digital Painting Analysis, At the Cross Section of Engineering, Mathematics and Culture

Digital Video Stabilization System by Adaptive Fuzzy Filtering

Discriminant Splitting for Feature Extraction Applicable to View-Independent Object Recognition

Discriminative Acoustic Event Recognition in Multimedia Recordings

Distance and Orientation Measurement of a Flat Surface by a Single Underwater Acoustic Transducer

Distortion Bounds on Anytime Source Transmission Using UEP Channel Coding

Distortion Estimation for Reference Frame Modification Methods

Distributed Consensus-based Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks: a Practical Approach

Distributed Khatri-Rao Space-Time Coding and Decoding for Cooperative Networks

Distributed Power and Routing Optimization in Single-Sink Data Gathering Wireless Sensor Networks

Distributed Target Detection in Centralized Wireless Sensor Networks with Communication Constraints

Distributed Zero-Delay Joint Source-Channel Coding for a Bi-Variate Gaussian on a Gaussian MAC

DOA and Polarization Accuracy Study for an Imperfect Dual-Polarized Antenna Array

Dynamics of the Alpha Peak Frequency During Flicker Stimulation

E top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Early Fusion of Sparse Classification and GMM for Noise Robust ASR

ECG Based Biometric for Doubly Secure Authentication

ECG Compressed Sensing Based on Classification in Compressed Space and Specified Dictionaries

Eddy Current Tomography of Deposits in Steam Generator

Effects of Jitter on Continuous Time Digital Systems with Granularity Reduction

Efficient Blind Speech Separation Suitable for Embedded Devices

Efficient Implementation of Optical Flow Algorithm Based on Directional Filters on a GPU Using CUDA

Empirical Mode Decomposition for Joint Denoising and Dereverberation

Energy-Efficient Link Adaptation on Parallel Channels

Energy-efficient Positioning in Sensor Networks by a Game Theoretic Approach

Enhanced Sparse Speech Processing Strategy for Cochlear Implants

Enhancement of Multi-Valued Images Using PDE Coupling

Error-Resilient Video Transmission for 3-D Signal Over Cooperative-MIMO System

Estimation of Facial Action Intensities on 2D and 3D Data

Estimation of Multichannel TVAR Parameters From Noisy Observations Based on an Evolutive Method

Estimation of the Energy Ratio Between Primary and Ambience Components in Stereo Audio Data

Estimation of the Respiratory System Parameters

Estimation of the Utilities of the NAL Units in H.264/AVC Scalable Video Bitstreams

Evaluating Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Visual Category Recognition Using Rényi Entropy

Evolutionary Adaptive Filtering Based on Competing Filter Structures

Experimental Evaluation of Interference Alignment Under Imperfect Channel State Information

Exploiting Local and Global Structures for TIMIT Phone Classification

Exploiting Long-Range Temporal Dynamics of Speech for Noise-Robust Speaker Recognition

Exudates Dynamic Detection in Retinal Fundus Images Based on the Noise Map Distribution

F top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Fast Low Bit Rate Lattice Entropy Coding for Speech and Audio Coding

Fast Protection of H.264/AVC by Reduced Selective Encryption of CAVLC

Fast Wideband Near-Field Imaging Using the Non-equispaced FFT with Application to Through-Wall Radar

Filter-bank Design Based on Dependencies Between Frequency Components and Phoneme Characteristics

Finding Unknown Repeated Patterns in Images

FIR Filter Optimization with POS3POLY in CVX

FIR Smoothing of Discrete-Time State-Space Models with Applications to Clocks

Fixed-point Accuracy Evaluation in the Context of Conditional Structures

Food Texture Descriptors Based on Fractal and Local Gradient Information

FPGA Acceleration of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication Based on Network-on-Chip

FPGA Implementation of an Efficient Proportionate Affine Projection Algorithm for Echo Cancellation

Fractal Coding of Image-Color Spaces for Saliency-based Object Detection in Naturally Complex Scenes

Frequency Domain Blind Source Separation for Robot Audition Using a Parameterized Sparsity Criterion

Fusion in Phase Space for Shape Retrieval

G top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Generalised Particle Filters with Gaussian Measures

Generalized Complex 2D Matched Filtering for Local Regular Line-Like Feature Detection

Generalized Rectification in the L1-norm with Application to Robust Array Processing

Gradient-Based Musical Feature Extraction Based on Scale-Invariant Feature Transform

Grassmannian Differential Limited Feedback for Interference Alignment

Greedy Pursuits for Compressed Sensing of Jointly Sparse Signals

Group Sparsity with Overlapping Partition Functions

H top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Hidden Conditional Random Fields for Classification of Imaginary Motor Tasks From EEG Data

High Performance Hardware Architecture for Constrained One-Bit Transform Based Motion Estimation

High Quality Segmentation of Synthetic Aperture Sonar Images Using the Min-Cut/Max-Flow Algorithm

Higher-order Spatial Statistics and Perceptual Judgements in the Stylometric Analysis of Art

Highlighting the Influence of Artifact Signals on the Equilibrium State of the Feedback Structure

Historical Document Analysis: A Review of French Projects and Open Issues

HMM-based Underwater Target Classification with Synthesized Active Sonar Signals

HOS Based Online Calibration

How Does the Clipped LMS Outperform the LMS?

Human Activity Classification with Miniature Inertial and Magnetic Sensor Signals

Human Computation Games: a Survey

Hybrid Greedy Pursuit

Hybrid Lattice Reduction Algorithm and Its Implementation on an SDR Baseband Processor for LTE

I top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Identification of Great Apes Using Face Recognition

Identification of Perceptive Dimensions of Speech and Audio Codecs Subjective Quality

Illumination Correction and Contrast Equalization in Colour Fundus Images

Impact of Carrier Frequency Offset in Cooperative Phase Shift Beamforming

Impact of Excitation Frequency on Short-Term Recording Synchronisation and Confidence Estimation

Impact of Fading Time Correlation on the Performance of Iterative Channel Estimation for Coded OFDM

Impact of Mobility on MIMO Green Wireless Systems

Implementation of Complex Enumeration for Multiuser MIMO Vector Precoding

Improved Background Modeling Through Color De-correlation

Improved GLRT Based on the Exploitation of Spatial Correlation Between Neighboring Sensors

Improved Interference Approximation Method for Preamble-based Channel Estimation in FBMC/OQAM

Improved Onset Detection Algorithm Based on Fractional Power Envelope Match Filter

Improved Spatial Prediction for 3D Holoscopic Image and Video Coding

Improving Automatic Speech Recognition Robustness for the Romanian Language

Improving Blotch Detection in Old Films by a Preprocessing Step Based on Outlier Statistical Test

Increasing the Parameter Robustness of Active Contours Using Image Data Driven Initializations

Indoor Positioning in Wireless LANs Using Compressive Sensing Signal-Strength Fingerprints

Inference of Acoustic Source Directivity Using Environment Awareness

Interdependence of Sympathovagal Balance and Irreversibility of Heart Rate Oscillations

Interference Alignment in the Partially Connected K-User MIMO Interference Channel

Interference Alignment in UMTS Long Term Evolution

Interference Source Localization and Transmit Power Estimation Under Log-Normal Shadowing

Inverse Wave Propagation for Reproducing Virtual Sources in Front of Loudspeaker Array

Iterative Cosparse Projection Algorithms for the Recovery of Cosparse Vectors

Iterative ICI Cancellation Based on Factor Graphs for Large FFT Sizes

Iterative Scene Learning in Visually Guided Persons' Falls Detection

Iterative Signal Processing for Mitigation of Wideband ADC Nonidealities in Cognitive Radio Receiver

J top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Joint Estimation of Sound Source Location and Noise Covariance in Spatially Colored Noise

Joint Playout and FEC Control for Enhancing Perceived Quality of Multi-Stream Voice Communication

Joint Source-Protocol-Channel Decoding: Improving 802.11N Receivers

Joint Sparse Signal Ensemble Reconstruction in a WSN Using Decentralized Bayesian Matching Pursuit

L top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Latent Semantic Analysis in Sound Event Detection

Linear Data Estimators for UW-OFDM: Classical and Bayesian Approaches

Linear-quadratic and Polynomial Non-negative Matrix Factorization; Application to Spectral Unmixing

Living in Symbiosis: on Achievable Rates of an Oblivious Interference System and a Cognitive System

Localization in Wireless Networks Based on Jointly Compressed Sensing

Localization of Planar Acoustic Reflectors Through Emission of Controlled Stimuli

Lossy Compression of Distributed Sparse Sources: a Practical Scheme

Low Complexity Frequency-response Masking Filters Using Modified Structure Based on Serial Masking

Low Complexity RST Invariant Image Recognition Using Fourier Mellin Transform

M top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

MAP SR of Compressed Video with a Novel Multichannel Image Prior and a New Observation Model

Mean Frequency Estimation of Surface EMG Signals Using Filterbank Methods

Memory and Complexity Reduction for Inventory-Style Speech Enhancement Systems

Memory CO-NNPD for the Compensation of Memory Crosstalk and HPA Nonlinearity

Microscopic Image Classification Using Sparsity in a Transform Domain and Bayesian Learning

MIMO Adaptive Codebook for Closely Spaced Antenna Arrays

MIMO Detection in Single Carrier Systems

MIMO-DFE Coupled with V-BLAST for Adaptive Equalization of Wideband MIMO Channels

Minimax Passband Group Delay Nonlinear FIR Filter Design Without Imposing Desired Phase Response

Minimax Robust Power Allocation Over Parallel Communication Channels

Mitigation of GPS Periodic Multipath Using Nonlinear Regression

Mixing Fingerprints for Template Security and Privacy

ML-Estimator and CRLB on Carrier-Frequency Offset in TDM Receivers for Direction Finding

MMSE Speech Spectral Amplitude Estimation Assuming Non-Gaussian Noise

MMSE-Optimal Training Sequences for Spectrally-Efficient Multi-User MIMO-OFDM Systems

Model for Memory-based Music Transcription and Its Variational Bayes Solution

Model-based Precision Analysis and Optimization for Digital Signal Processors

Modeling Non-Stationary Long-Memory Signals with Large Amounts of Data

Modified K-Mean Clustering Method of HMM States for Initialization of Baum Welch Training Algorithm

Modulation Detection in the Time-Frequency Domain for Cognitive Radio Systems

Morphological Granulometry for Classification of Evolving and Ordered Texture Images

Morphological Regularization for Adaptation of Image Opening

Motion Compensated Frame Rate-Up Conversion Based on Multiple Frame Interpolation Algorithm

Multiantenna GLR Detection of a Gaussian Signal in Spatially Uncorrelated Noise

Multichannel Semi-Blind Source Separation Via Local Gaussian Modeling for Acoustic Echo Reduction

Multimodal Blind Source Separation with a Circular Microphone Array and Robust Beamforming

Multiple Description Peer-To-Peer Video Streaming Using Coalitional Games

Multiple Source Tracking by Sequential Posterior Kernel Density Estimation Through GSCT

Multiplierless Implementation of Generalized Comb Filters (GCF) Based on Chebyshev Polynomials

Multipose Audio-Visual Speech Recognition

Multirate Delivery of Scalable Video with Progressive Network Codes

Multiresolution Decomposition Using Morphological Filters for 3D Volume Image Decorrelation

Multiscale Block Compressed Sensing with Smoothed Projected Landweber Reconstruction

Musical Instruments Signal Analysis and Recognition Using Fractal Features

N top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Neighbor-dmin Precoder for Three Data-Stream MIMO Systems

Network MIMO for Downlink In-Band Relay Transmissions with Relaying Phases of Fixed Duration

New Constrained Least Squares Approach for Range-Based Positioning

New Inter-Layer Intra Prediction for Spatial Scalable Video Coding

New Tone Mapping and Tone Reproduction Techniques- Application to Bit-Depth Scalable Video Coding

New Trends in Passive Localization by Multiarray Network

Noise Reduction for Path Traced Imaging of Participating Media

Non-Cooperative Iris Recognition: Issues and Trends

Non-Gaussian Background Modeling for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Images

Non-Negative Pre-Image in Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition

NonConvex Total Variation Speckled Image Restoration Via Nonnegative Quadratic Programming Algorithm

Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering Techniques with Multiple Kernels

Nonparametric Divergence Estimators for Independent Subspace Analysis

Nonparametric Independent Process Analysis

Novel Algorithms for Word-length Optimization

Novel Iterative Multiple Description Coding for Correlated Sources

O top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Ocular Artifact Removal From EEG: a Comparison of Subspace Projection and Adaptive Filtering Methods

On Hierarchical Clustering for Speech Phonetic Segmentation

On Improving the Accuracy of T1 Mapping of the Human Brain

On Preamble-Based Channel Estimation in OFDM/OQAM Systems

On the Application of the Higher Order Virtual Array Concept for Small Antenna Arrays

On the Implementation of a Secure Musical Database Matching

On the Optimization of Sigmoid Function for Speech Enhancement

On Waveform Design in Interference-Tolerant Range-Doppler Estimation for Wideband Multistatic Radars

Online Multitechnology Sensors Explosive Recognition

Online System Identification Under Non-Negativity and L1-norm Constraints

Opportunistic Spectrum Access in Multi-User Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Networks

Optimal Rate Adaptation in the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC with Combined Scalability

Optimization of the Amplify-And-Forward in a Wireless Sensor Network Using Compressed Sensing

Optimized and Parallelized Processing Order for Improved Frequency Selective Signal Extrapolation

Oversteering of End-Fire Arrays with Frequency-Invariant Beam Patterns

P top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Parallel Implementations of Beamforming Design and Filtering for Microphone Array Applications

Parameter Estimation in the General Contourlet Pansharpening Method Using Bayesian Inference

Parametric Waveform Design for Improved Target Detection

Partial-Update Adaptive Decision-Feedback Equalization

Particle Filtering for 2-D Direction of Arrival Tracking Using an Acoustic Vector Sensor

Passive Identification of Acoustic Propagation Media with Viscous Damping

Path Loss Factor Estimation for RSS-Based Localization Algorithms with Wireless Sensor Networks

Perfect Reconstruction DFT Modulated Oversampled Filter Bank Transceivers

Performance Analysis of a Distributed Robbins-Monro Algorithm for Sensor Networks

Performance Analysis of Cooperative MIMO Systems Using Decode and Forward Relaying

Performance Analysis of the Distributed ZF Beamformer in the Presence of Carrier Frequency Offset

Performance Analysis of WL Alamouti Receivers for Real-Valued Constellations in Multiuser Context

Performance Evaluation of Non-Linear MIMO Precoders Under Transmit Impairments

Performances of Polarimetric Subspace SAR Processors for Target Detection and Interference Rejection

Person Specific Activity Recognition Using Fuzzy Learning and Discriminant Analysis

Phase Locked Matrix Factorization

Phase Space of the Harmonic Oscillator with Levy Noise: Spectral Measure, Deviation From Ellipticity

Physical Layer Security of MIMO Frequency Selective Channels by Beamforming and Noise Generation

Population Monte Carlo Methodology a La Gibbs Sampling

Post-nonlinear Speech Mixture Identification Using Single-Source Temporal Zones & Curve Clustering

Power Balancing in FBMC-MISO Systems

Power Minimization in Parallel Vector Broadcast Channels with Separate Linear Precoding

Practical Regularization of the Affine Projection Algorithm

Preamble-based Synchronization for OFDM/OQAM Systems

Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient IAA Spectral Estimation

Prediction Error Preprocessing for Color Image Compression

Predictive Visual Saliency Model for Surveillance Video

Prototyping Processing-Demanding Physical Layer Systems Featuring Single or Multi-antenna Schemes

Punctured 8-PSK Turbo-TCM Transmissions Using Recursive Systematic Convolutional GF(2^N) Encoders

Q top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Quickest Distributed Detection Via Running Consensus

R top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Radar Code Design with a Peak to Average Power Ratio Constraint: a Randomized Approximate Approach

Random Sampling ADC for Sparse Spectrum Sensing

Range Recursive and Taylor Series Based STAP for Range Dependent Clutter Rejection

Rate Optimization for Incremental Redundancy and Repetition Coding in Relay Networks

Rate-Distortion Optimized Image Coding Allowing Lossless Conversion to JPEG Compliant Bitstreams

Real Time FPGA Implementation of Automatic Modulation Classifier for Electronic Warfare Applications

Real-time Computation of Moment Invariants Combined with Contrast Stretching

Real-Time FPGA Implementation and Measured Performance of I/Q Modulation Based Frequency Synthesizer

Real-time Phase-isolation Algorithm for Speech Separation

Real-Time Wildfire Detection Using Correlation Descriptors

Recognizing Real World Objects Using Multiple Views

Reconstruction of Derivatives: Error Analysis and Design Criteria

Registration of Ultrasound Image Sequences for Perfusion Analysis

Representing Clumps of Cell Nuclei as Unions of Elliptic Shapes by Using the MDL Principle

Residual Cognitive Network Interference Due to Primary User Miss-Detection

Residual Energy-Aware Collaborative Transmission Beamforming in Wireless Sensor Networks

Resource Allocation Between Feedback and Forward Links: Impact on System Performance and CSI

Restoration of Image Burnout in 3D-Stereoscopic Media Using Inter-View Gradient Interpolation

Robust Acoustic Speaker Localization with Distributed Microphones

Robust Adaptive Sparse System Identification by Using Weighted L1 Balls and Moreau Envelopes

Robust Conjoint Analysis by Controlling Outlier Sparsity

Robust Detection of Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Signals in a Non-Shielded Environment

Robust Dual-Channel Noise Power Spectral Density Estimation

Robust Feature Selection for Scaling Ambiguity Reduction in Audio-Visual Convolutive BSS

Robust Inference of Room Geometry From Acoustic Measurements Using the Hough Transform

Robust Pareto Optimal Beamforming in Two-User Multiple-Input Single-Output Interference Channel

Robust QAM Classification Using Genetic Programming and Fisher Criterion

Robust Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio

Robust Time-Slotted Round-Trip Carrier and Timing Synchronization for Distributed Beamforming

Robust Video Watermarking Using Maximum Likelihood Decoder

Room Impulse Response Reshaping by Joint Optimization of Multiple p-Norm Based Criteria

S top 3 A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z

Sampling Jitter Correction Using Factor Graphs

SAR Imagery Classification in Extended Feature Space by Collective Network of Binary Classifiers

Scatter Matrices with Independent Block Property and ISA

Secure Multi-Spectral Hand Recognition System

Segmentation of Accelerometer Signals Recorded During Continuous Treadmill Walking

Segmentation of Ultrasound Images Using a Spatially Coherent Generalized Rayleigh Mixture Model

Segmentation Through DWT and Adaptive Morphological Closing

Seismic Activity-Related Anomaly Detection in Soil Radon Emanation

Sensitivity of the Random Demodulation Framework to Filter Tolerances

Sequential and Direct Access of HRTFS for Quasi-Continuous Angular Positions

Sequential Minimal Eigenvalues - an Approach to Analysis Dictionary Learning

Short-Time Objective Assessment of Speech Quality

Signal Adaptive Hardware Design of a System for Highly Nonstationary FM Signal Estimation

Signal Processing Algorithms for Removing Banding Artifacts in MRI

Signal Separation in the Wigner Distribution Domain Using Fractional Fourier Transform

Simple Models for Power Optimization Across Transmission, Equalization and Decoding

Simplified MAP Despeckling Based on Laplacian-Gaussian Modeling of Undecimated Wavelet Coefficients

Simplified Robust Fixed-Complexity Sphere Decoder

Simultaneous Estimation of Sparse Signals and Systems At Sub-Nyquist Rates

Single-Microphone Blind Channel Identification in Speech Using Spectrum Classification

Software Architecture Design for a Dynamic Spectrum Allocation-enabled Cognitive Radio Testbed

Sound Effect on Visual Gaze When Looking At Videos

Source Enumeration Using the Bootstrap for Very Few Samples

Space-Time-Frequency Candidate Methods for Spectrum Sensing

Space-variant Kernel Deconvolution for Dual Exposure Problem

Sparse Algorithms and Bounds for Statistically and Computationally Efficient Robust Estimation

Sparse Estimation of Spectroscopic Signals

Sparse Representation of Dense Motion Vector Fields for Lossless Compression of 4-D Medical CT Data

Sparse Semi-Supervised Hyperspectral Unmixing Using a Novel Iterative Bayesian Inference Algorithm

Sparse Signal Approximation Algorithms in a CELP Coder

Sparse Target Recovery Performance of Multi-Frequency Chirp Waveforms

Sparsity Based Adaptive Thresholding for DFE in SC-FDMA

Sparsity-Aware Adaptive Filtering Based on a Douglas-Rachford Splitting

Sparsity-Based Composite Detection Tests. Application to Astrophysical Hyperspectral Data

Spatially Adaptive Total Variation Image Denoising Under Salt and Pepper Noise

Spatio-Temporal Diffusion Mechanisms for Adaptation Over Networks

Spatio-temporal Fusion of Visual Attention Model

Speaker Identification Using Diffusion Maps

Speaker Localization and Speech Separation Using Phase Difference Versus Frequency Distribution

Speaker Recognition in Noisy Conditions with Limited Training Data

Spectral Image Processing and Analysis of the Archimedes Palimpsest

Spectral Imaging for Revealing and Preserving World Cultural Heritage

Spectrally Adapted Mercer Kernels for Support Vector Signal Interpolation

Spectrum and Infrastructure Sharing in the MIMO Interference Relay Channels

Speech Bandwidth Extension Based on Speech Phonetic Content and Speaker Vocal Tract Shape Estimation

Steady-State Behavior and Design of the Gaussian KLMS Algorithm

Stereoscopic 3D View Synthesis From Unsynchronized Multi-View Video

Structure-Aware Dictionary Learning with Harmonic Atoms

Sub-band Spectral Variance Feature for Noise Robust ASR

Successive Refinement of Motion Compensated Interpolation for Transform-Domain DVC

Symbol-Wise Processing Implementation of Semi-Iterative Turbo Principle in Multi-Hop Relay Networks

Symbolic to Numerical Conversion of DNA Sequences Using Finite-Context Models

System Interpretation of Causality Measures in Frequency Domain Used in EEG Analysis

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Tensor Coding for CDMA-MIMO Wireless Communication Systems

Testing Quaternion Properness: Generalized Likelihood Ratios and Locally Most Powerful Invariants

The Generalization of Discrete Stockwell Transforms

The Impact of Small Synchronization Errors on Eigenmode Transmission

The LMS Algorithm Under Arbitrary Linearly Filtered Processes

The Rate Maximization Problem in DSL with Mixed Spectrum and Signal Coordination

The Unscented Kalman Particle PHD Filter for Joint Multiple Target Tracking and Classification

Theoretical Analysis of xDAWN Algorithm: Application to an Efficient Sensor Selection in a P300 BCI

Toward a Practical Implementation of Exemplar-Based Noise Robust ASR

Towards a Low Energy LTE Cellular Network: Architectures

Towards Real-Time Audiovisual Speaker Localization

Transform-Domain Super-Resolution for Multiview Images Using Depth Information

Two-Source Acoustic Event Detection and Localization: Online Implementation in a Smart-Room

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Unbiased Maximum SINR Prefiltering for Reduced-State Equalization

Uniform Blind Equalization of Two-Path Channels with Zeros on the Unit Circle

Unsupervised Language Model Adaptation Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Dynamic Marginals

Unsupervised Restoration in Gaussian Pairwise Mixture Model

Use of Cubic Bézier Curves for Route Planning

Using Local Features for Efficient Layout Analysis of Ancient Manuscripts

Using Subclasses in Discriminant Non-negative Subspace Learning for Facial Expression Recognition

Utility Based Cross-Layer Collaboration for Speech Enhancement in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks

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Validation of a New Full Reference Metric for Quality Assessment of Mobile 3DTV Content

View Interpolation with Structured Depth From Multiview Video

Viewing Angle Dependent Coding of Digital Holograms

Virtual Source Panning Using Multiple-Wise Vector Base in the Multispeaker Stereo Format

Virtual Underpainting Reconstruction From X-ray Fluorescence Imaging Data

Viseme Definitions Comparison for Visual-Only Speech Recognition

VQ-UBM Based Speaker Verification Through Dimension Reduction Using Local PCA

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Waveform Processing-Domain Diversity and ATR

Wavelet-based Multi-modal Fire Detection

When Silence is Gold

Widely Linear Kernel-Based Adaptive Filters

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ZF DFE Transceiver Design for MIMO Relay Systems with Direct Source-Destination Link