List of Papers

Capacity Degradation due to External Interference in Mobile Communication Systems
Hata, M. , Tomisato, S.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

CAPANINA Communications from Aerial Platform Networks Delivering Broadband Information for All
Grace, D. , Mohorcic, M. , Oodo, M. , Capstick, M. H. , Pallavicini, M. B. , Lalovic, M.
in Broadband, Fixed Wireless Access & HAPs

Channel Models for Ultra-Wideband Communications: An Overview
Hayar, A. M. , Vitetta, G. M.
in UWB I

Charging, Accounting and Billing of Multimedia Streaming in 3G Mobile Networks
Jursonovics, T. , Imre, S.
in Applications & Business Models

Clustering Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Boundary Nodes
Tseng, Ch.-Ch. , Chen, K.-Ch.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Code Optimization for Lossless Turbo Source Coding
Duetsch, N.
in Source & Channel Coding

Coexistence Measurements Between IR-UWB and GSM/DCS Receivers
Quijano, B. , Álvarez, Á. , Lobeira, M. , García, J. L.

Combined Spatial Multiplexing and STBC to Provide Throughput Enhancements to Next Generation WLANs
Doufexi, A. , Nix, A. , Beach, M. A.

Common Radio Resource Management for WLAN-UMTS Integration at Radio Access Level
Vulic, N. , Groot, S. H. de , Niemegeers, I.
in RRM & Dynamic Spectrum Management

Comparison of IEEE802.16 WiMax Scenarios with Fixed and Mobile Subscribers in Tight Reuse
Ball, C.F. , Humburg, E. , Ivanov, K. , Treml, F.
in Broadband, Fixed Wireless Access & HAPs

Compatibility Measurement Campaign between IR-UWB and UMTS
Quijano, B. , Álvarez, Á. , Lobeira, M. , García, J. L.

Compensation of DC-Offsets and RF-Self-Mixing Products in Six-Port-Based Analog Direct Receivers
Mailand, M. , Jentschel, H.-J.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

Composition of Reusable Higher-level Contexts
Dargie, W. , David, K. , Loeffler, T.
in Service Access & Mobility

Concept of a QoS aware Offer Planning for GPRS/EDGE Networks
Kunz, A. , Tcaciuc, S. , Gonzalez, M. , Ruland, C. , Rapp, V.
in QoS & Scheduling

Concept of an OFDM HSDPA Air Interface for UMTS Downlink
Wunder, G. , Zhou, Ch. , Bakker, H.-E. , Kaminski, St.
in Cellular Systems I: Capacity & HSxPA

Content-based Query Support in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks using Information-Fading and Narrow-Casting for Efficient Resource Handling in Disaster Management
Bhaumik, P. , Scalem, M , Roy, S. , Bandyopadhyay, S.
in Applications & Business Models

Context-aware Group Management in Mobile Environments
Coutand, O. , Droegehorn, O. , David, K. , Nurmi, P. , Floréen, P. , Kernchen, R. , Holtmanns, S. , Campadello, St. , Kanter, T. , Martin, M. , Eijk, R. van , Guarneri, R.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Controlling Joint Optimization of Wireless Video Transmission: the PHOENIX Basic Demonstration Platform
Martini, M. , Mazzotti, M. , Chiani, M.
in Cross-Layer Optimization

Cooperation of 4G Radio Networks with Legacy Systems
Lott, M. , Sdralia, V. , Pischella, M. , Lugara, D. , Mihovska, A. , Ponnekanti, S. , Tragos, E. , Mino, E.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Cooperative IP Header Compression using Multiple Access Points in 4G Wireless Networks
Madsen, T. K. , Fitzek, F. H. P. , Prasad, R. , Katz, M.
in Novel Networks & Relaying

Cooperative Services for 4G
Frattasi, S. , Can, B. , Fitzek, F. H. P. , Prasad, R.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Coverage Enhancement for High-Quality Voice over WLAN Systems based on Diversity Techniques
Ettefagh, A. , Kuhn, M. , Lunn, A. , Wittneben, A. , Krause, F. M.

Credit-Based Authorization for Concurrent IP-Address Tests
Vogt, Ch.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Cross-Layer Adaptation for TCP-Based Applications in WCDMA Systems
Molero, I. C. , Möller, N. , Petersson, J. , Skog, R. , Arvidsson, Å. , Flärdh, O. , Johansson, K. H.
in Cross-Layer Optimization

Customization of Secured Ubiquitous Environments via Advanced Profile Management
Eikerling, H.-J. , Flake, St. , Schäfer, R.
in Security

Cutoff Rate based Throughput Analysis for HARQ Processing with V-BLAST and Space Time Codes
Dekorsy, A.