List of Papers

Delay-Limited Optimal Bit Loading Algorithm for OFDM Systems over Correlated Fading Channels
Hossain, Md. J. , Djonin, D. V. , Bhargava, V. K.
in OFDM & MC-CDMA Systems

Design and Analysis of a Dynamic Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) Scheduler
Mazza, R. , Panza, G. , Grazioli, M.
in QoS & Scheduling

Design and Analysis of an Antenna for Ultra-Wideband System
Yazdandoost, K. Y. , Kohno, R.
in UWB Systems

Design and Implementation of a Service Discovery Architecture in Pervasive Systems
Suraci, V. , Inzerilli, T.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Design and Performance of MIMO Channel Simulators derived from the Two-Ring Scattering Model
Pätzold, M. , Hogstad, B. O.

Design of Service Discovery & Provisioning Architecture based on the Open Services Gateway Initiative
Suraci, V. , Taglieri, M.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Design Rules for Efficient Scheduling of Packet Data on Multiple Antenna Downlink
Mazzarese, D. J. , Krzymien, W. A.
in QoS & Scheduling

Designing the Reliable Transport Layer for Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Chipeta, M. , Karaliopoulos, M. , Evans, B. G. , Garnier, B. , Roullet, L.
in Satellite Systems II: Mobile Satellite session - supported by the ASMS-TF through the EC MoSSA

Detection by Multiple Trellises: an Effective Approach to Phase-Uncertain Communications
Franceschini, M. , Ferrari, G. , Raheli, R. , Curtoni, A.
in Source & Channel Coding

Differentiated Segments Based OFDM System for the Next-Generation Radio Access System
Moon, J. , Ko, J.Y. , Lee, Y.-H.
in Multi-Radio Access

Digital Switchover in UHF: the ATHENA concept for Broadband access
Pallis, E. , Mantakas, C. , Mastorakis, G. , Zacharopoulos, V.
in Broadcast Systems & Convergence

Distributed ARQ using STBC for OFDM Ad-hoc Networks
Kojima, E. , Fujii, T. , Kamiya, Y. , Suzuki, Y.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Distribution of UMTS Protocols for Ad-Hoc Extensions with Direct Signaling
Díaz Cervera, J. , Sigle, R.
in Novel Networks & Relaying

Dominant Path Prediction Model for Urban Scenarios
Wahl, R. , Wölfle, G. , Wertz, Ph. , Wildbolz, P. , Landstorfer, F.
in Propagation & Channel Measurements

Downlink Performance of WiMAX Broadband from High Altitude Platform and Terrestrial Deployments sharing a common 3.5GHz band
Yang, Z. , Grace, D. , Mitchell, P. D.
in Broadband, Fixed Wireless Access & HAPs

DS-UWB with an Optional CS-UWB for Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks
Li, H.-B. , Takizawa, K. , Sasaki, S. , Ikegami, T. , Kohno, R.
in UWB I

Dynamic Half-Rate Allocation for Adaptive Multi-Rate Speech Codecs in GERAN Radio Networks
Müllner, R. , Ball, C.F. , Ivanov, K. , Winkler, H. , Perl, R. , Kremnitzer, K.
in QoS & Scheduling I

Dynamic Planning and Management of Reconfigurable Networks
Dimitrakopoulos, G. , Demestichas, P. , Luo, J. , Sallent, O. , Agusti, R. , Moessner, K.
in RRM & Dynamic Spectrum Management