List of Papers

E2R: Hardware Abstraction Layer for Configurable Execution Modules
Seidel, H. , Bronzel, M. , Altaf A, S. N. , Steinke, B. , Halimic, M. , Alimi, L.
in Hardware IV: Reconfigurability

Effect of Pulse Selection on the Capacity of Multi-User UWB Systems
Abdel-Hafez, M. , Alagöz, F. , Hämäläinen, M. , Latva-Aho, M.
in UWB Systems

Effects of Multi-Rate Mechanisms in ARQ And Hybrid ARQ Systems using Downlink Beamforming
Kaitz, T.
in Coding & Modulation

Efficiency Considerations for Multicast Web Caching
Schmidbauer, J. , Linder, H.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Efficient Feedback Transmission for Multi-User MIMO Systems
Kim, J. S. , Kim, H. , Lee, K. B.
in MIMO: Transmission Algorithms

End to End Quality of Service Management for Multimedia Service Provision in the Aeronautical Broadband Communication System
Dini, P. , Cusani, R.
in QoS & Scheduling II

End-to-end QoS Architecture for 4G Scenarios
Sargento, S. , Prior, R. , Sousa, F. , Gonçalves, P. , Gozdecki, J. , Gomes, D. , Guainella, E. , Cuevas, A. , Dziunikowski, W. , Fontes, F.
in QoS & Scheduling

End-to-End Reconfigurability: Towards the Seamless Experience
Bourse, D. , El-Khazen, K. , Berthet, N. , Wiebke, T. , Dillinger, M. , Brakensiek, J. , Moessner, K. , Vivier, G. , Alonistioti, N.
in Hardware IV: Reconfigurability

End-to-End Reconfigurable System Architecture Definition
Berthet, N. , Pirez, D. , Goubard, J.-E. , Denef, Y. , Arndt, M. , Mihailovic, A. , Olaziregi, N. , Minokuchi, A. , Souville, B. , Buracchini, E. , Trogolo, A. , Goria, P. , Alvarez, M.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Enhanced Demodulator Implementation for Mobile Satellite Internet Access System
Kim, P. , Song, Y.-J. , Kim, B.-H. , Oh, D.-G. , Lee, H.-J.
in Hardware I: Implementation

Enhanced UWB Radio Channel Model for Short-Range Communication Scenarios Including User Dynamics
Kovacs, I. Z. , Nguyen, H. T. , Eggers, P. C.F. , Olesen, K.
in UWB Systems

Enthrone Core Networking Elements for End-to-End QoS Provision over Heterogeneous Settings
Ahmed, T. , Asgari, A. , Borcoci, E. , Eccles, S. , Kormentzas, G , Kourtis, A. , Mehaoua, A. , Xilouris, G.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Error Performance for MC-CDMA and OFDMA in a Downlink Multi-Cell Scenario
Plass, S. , Dammann, A. , Kaiser, St.
in OFDM & MC-CDMA Systems

Evaluation of Ad Hoc Routing Strategies to Maximize Path Lifetimes
Gruber, I.
in Ad Hoc Networks

EXIT Chart-based Design of LDPC Codes for Inter-Symbol Interference Channels
Franceschini, M. , Ferrari, G. , Raheli, R.
in PHY I

Experiments on Real-Time 1-Gbps Packet Transmission Using QRM-MLD with ASESS in OFDM-MIMO Broadband Packet Radio Access
Kawai, H. , Maeda, N. , Kawamoto, J. , Higuchi, K. , Sawahashi, M.