List of Papers

HARQ Power Allocation Schemes for Power-Controlled Systems
Knoche, K. , Döttling, M. , Michel, J. , Raaf, B.
in Cellular Systems II: CDMA

High-Speed Serial fully Digital Interface between WLAN RF and BB Chips
Coste, M. , Eftimakis, M.
in Hardware I: Implementation

Hybrid ARQ Schemes for Future Wireless Systems Based on MC-CDMA
Roman, J. , Berens, F. , Kirsch, M. , Tanrikulu, St.
in PHY I

Hybrid Fiber Radio Link for Feeding DOCSIS Wireline and Wireless Heterogeneous Access Nodes
Pfrommer, H. , Piqueras, M. A. , Martínez, A. , Polo, V. , Vidal, B. , Martí, J.
in Hardware III: Dirty RF

Hybrid Wireless Networks Combining WLAN, FSO and Satellite Technology for Disaster Recovery
Leitgeb, E. , Birnbacher, U. , Muhammad, S. S. , Koudelka, O. , Kandus, G. , Gebhart, M. , Schrotter, P. , Chlestil, Ch. , Merdonig, A.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems