List of Papers

Impact of Macro Diversity on the Final Throughput of a 60GHz SFN Deployment
Labbé, P. , Gosteau, J. , Muck, M. , Pamp, J. , Baggen, R.
in Trials & System Evaluation

Impact of Node Mobility and Network Density on Service Availability in MANETs
Ververidis, Ch. N. , Polyzos, .G. C.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Impact of Smart Antennas on QoS Routing for Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Coletti, L. , Ciglioni, D. , Capone, A. , Zambardi, M.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Improved Methods for Search Radius Estimation in Sphere Detection Based MIMO Receivers
Marsch, P. , Zimmermann, E. , Fettweis, G. P.
in Advanced Receivers for MIMO & MUD

Improved Phase Impairment Compensation for Frequency Selective OFDM Systems
Nikitopoulos, K. , Tsaramiadis, G. , Polydoros, A.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

Improving Positioning Capabilities for Indoor Environments with WiFi
Evennou, F. , Marx, F.

Indoor Distributed Antenna Experiments
Tong, F. , Glover, I. A. , Pennock, S. R. , Shepherd, P. R. , Davies, N. C.
in Trials & System Evaluation

Integration of Wireless Technologies in an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System Network
Grilo, A. M. , Mathieu, R. , Axelsson, Ch. , Nunes, M. M.
in Trials & System Evaluation

Inter-Frame, Fine Frequency/Phase Synchronization in Space Time OFDM Receivers
Nikitopoulos, K. , Polydoros, A.

Issues in Scheduling Multimedia Traffic over the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) link of UMTS
Golaup, A. , Holland, O. , Aghvami, H.
in QoS & Scheduling I