List of Papers

Joint Congestion Control and Scheduling Algorithm in a Multi-Access and Multi-Service Satellite System
Priscoli, F. D. , Santoro, G. , Colafranceschi, C. , Krapez, D. M.
in QoS & Scheduling

Joint Power Control and Multiuser Receiver Design - Fairness Issues and Cross-Layer Optimization
Schubert, M. , Boche, H. , Stanczak, S.
in Cross-Layer Optimization

Joint Source-Channel-Fountain Coding for Asynchronous Broadcast
Duetsch, N. , Jenkac, H. , Mayer, T. , Hagenauer, J.
in Source & Channel Coding

Joint STBC and Pre-Filtering Technique for MISO TDD Downlink MC-CDMA Systems
Silva, A. , Gameiro, A.
in MIMO: Transmission Algorithms