List of Papers

Network Composition using Existing and New Technologies
Kappler, C. , Akhtar, N. , Campos, R. , Pöyhönen, P.
in Network Architecture & Reconfigurability

Network Control and Management for Beyond 3G End-to-End Reconfiguration
Boufidis, Z. , Alonistioti, N. , Dillinger, M.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

New Algorithms for NLOS Identification
Al-Jazzar, S. , Caffery, J.
in Propagation & Channel Measurements

Non-Coherent Energy Collection Approach for TOA Estimation in UWB Systems
Rabbachin, A. , Montillet, J.-Ph. , Cheong, P. , Abreu, G. T. F. de , Oppermann, I.
in UWB Systems

Non-Uniform Constellations for Broadcasting and Multicasting Services in WCDMA Systems
Souto, N. , Silva, J. C. , Cercas, F. , Dinis, R.
in PHY I

Nonlinear Dynamics of PN-Sequences
Baranovski, A. L. , Dachselt, F. , Rave, W.
in PHY I