List of Papers

Peer-to-peer Management in Ambient Networks
Simon, C. , Szabó, R. , Kersch, P. , Kovács, B. , Galis, A. , Cheng, L.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Performance Amelioration using Turbo Coded BICM-ID with 16 QAM over Gaussian and Flat Fading Rayleigh Channels.
Nour, Ch. A. , Douillard., C.
in PHY I

Performance Analysis of Ultra-Wideband Spatial MIMO Communications Systems
Malik, W. Q. , Mtumbuka, M. C. , Edwards, D. J. , Stevens, Ch. J.
in UWB I

Performance Evaluation of GPRS MCAST Multicast over GPRS Solution
Desiniotis, Ch. , Kypris, K. , Markoulidakis, Y.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Performance of a Hybrid TDD-CDMA System with Random Slot Allocation (RSA) in Comparison with an equivalent FDD-CDMA System
Evers, C. , Esmailzadeh, R. , Haas, H. , Nakagawa, M.
in Cellular Systems II: CDMA

Performance of a MC-CDMA Baseband Demonstrator for Beyond 3G Systems
Popon, X. , Zaghdoudi, L. , Noes, M. des , Bouttier, A. , Fernadez-Herrero, A. , Massiani, A. , Bauer, F.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

Performance of Cyclic Prefix Assisted Single Carrier CDMA Uplink System with MIMO Multiplexing
Fang, Z. , Shen, W. , Wang, Z.
in MIMO: Transmission Algorithms

Performance of Overlay Bluetooth--WiFi Networks with QoS-oriented Vertical Handover
Corvaja, R.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Physical Layer Performance of a Novel Fast Frequency Hopping-OFDM Concept
Scholand, T. , Faber, T. , Lee, J. , Cho, J. , Cho, Y. , Jung, P.
in OFDM & MC-CDMA Systems

Pilot and Data Aided Channel Estimator for Uplink MC-CDMA Mobile Systems
Marques, P. , Pereira, A. , Gameiro, A.
in PHY I

Plug and Play Configuration for Composable Networks
Schuetz, S. , Brunner, M. , Kis, Z. L. , Simon, C. , Szabo, R. , Molnar, G.
in Network Architecture & Reconfigurability

Position Estimation by Improved Genetic Algorithm for Hyperbolic Location
Li, L. , Wie, F.

Power Optimization of Nonlinear QAM Systems with Data Predistortion
Chang, L.-Ch. , Krogmeier, J. V.
in PHY I

Prefiltering and Trellis-Based Equalization for Sparse ISI Channels
Mietzner, J. , Badri-Hoeher, S. , Hoeher, P. A.
in Equalization & Interference Cancellation

Printed Band-Pass Filter at L Band
Jovanovic, S. , Nesic, A.
in Hardware II: Antennas & RF

Propagation Measurements for the Characterization of a Hybrid Mobile Channel in S-band
Heyn, T. , Heuberger, A. , Keip, C.
in Propagation & Channel Measurements

Protecting Privacy of Identities in Federated Operator Environments
Weyl, B. , Brandăo, P. , Skarmeta, A. F. G. , Lopez, R. M. , Mishra, P. , Hauser, Ch. , Ziemek, H.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Protection of the European Space Infrastructure
Hermanns, F. , Cruickshank, H. S. , Iyengar, S.
in Security

Prototyping of a Hybrid 5GHz/60GHz OFDM WLAN System in the Framework of IST-BroadWay
Muck, M. , Bernardin, Ph. , Labbé, P. , Miet, X. , Pannicke, D. , Schoenthier, J.
in Hardware I: Implementation

Pseudo Random Postfix OFDM based Channel Estimation in a Doppler Scenario
Muck, M. , Mazet, L. , Courville, M. De
in Channel Estimation & Positioning