List of Papers

RA Beaconing Optimization for Fast Handoff in IPv6 Wireless Networks
Marco, G. De , Sugita, K. , Barolli, L.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Radio Network Planning of DVB-H/UMTS Hybrid Mobile Communication Networks
Unger, P. , Kürner, T.
in Broadcast Systems & Convergence

Rapid Estimation Method for Data Capacity and Spectrum Efficiency in Cellular Networks
Ball, C.F. , Humburg, E. , Ivanov, K. , Müllner, R.
in Cellular Systems I: Capacity & HSxPA

Realizing Simplicity: Ambient Aware Service Adaptation
Fischer, E.-A. , Meyer, C. , Niedermeier, Ch. , Seidl, R. , Kapellaki, S. , Prezerakos, G.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Reconfigurable QoS Monitoring for Professionalized Messaging in Mobile Networks
Waadt, A. , Trapp, T. , Begall, Ch. , Bruck, G. H. , Jung, P.
in QoS & Scheduling II

Reconfiguration Management in Self-Organizing Systems beyond 3G
Alonistioti, N. , Anagnostopoulos, Ch. , Stamatelatos, G.
in Network Architecture & Reconfigurability

Reduced Complexity Iterative Multiuser Detector for 4th Generation CDMA Systems
Ibars, Ch. , Navarro, M.
in Multiple Access & OFDMA

Redundant Topology in Computer Network Realized with Millimeter Wave Radio Links
Peric, D. , Peric, M. , Petrovic, G.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Relative Positioning of the European Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcast (SDMB) Among Candidate Mobile Broadcast Solutions
Chuberre, N. , Corazza, G. E. , Courseille, O. , Nussli, C. , Selier, C.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

Results from the WirelessCabin Demonstration Flight
Jahn, A. , Berioli, M. , Chook, W. C. , Hu, Y. F. , Franzrahe, O. , Sanctis, M. de
in Trials & System Evaluation

Routing Group Formation in Ambient Networks
Surtees, A. , Agüero, R. , Tenhunen, J. , Rossi, M. , Hollos, D.
in Ad Hoc Networks