List of Papers

Satellite Channel Impairment Mitigation by Diversity Techniques
King, P. R. , Horváth, P. , Párez-Fontán, F. , Frigyes, I. , Stavrou, St.

Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (SDMB) System Presentation
Selier, C. , Chuberre, N.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

SATLIFE New Broadband Services over a Regenerative DVB-RCS Satellite Platform
Vallejo, F. , Moreno, I.
in Satellite Systems I

Scalable Policy Distribution for Ambient Networks
Gonzalez, A. , Stadler, R.
in Ad Hoc Networks

SDMB Deployment and Coverage Investigation with Radio Network Planning Tool
Hoppe, R. , Françon, M.-G. , Wölfle, G.
in Satellite Systems II: Mobile Satellite session - supported by the ASMS-TF through the EC MoSSA

Seamless Mobility over Broadband Wireless Networks
Steuer, F. , Elkotob, M. , Albayrak, S. , Bryhni, H. , Lunde, T.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

Secure Reconfiguration in Future Mobile Communication Systems
Falk, R. , Atukula, R. K. , Lücking, U.
in Security

Semantic-Aware Radio Resource Scheduling for Video Streaming in Mobile Packet Networks
Donini, V. , Lironi, F. , Masseroni, C. , Trivisonno, R.
in QoS & Scheduling

Semi-Blind Channel Estimation for Frequency-Selective MIMO Systems
Wo, T. , Hoeher, P. A.
in Channel Estimation & Positioning

Sensitivity of a MC-CDMA Beyond 3G System to RF Impairments
Maret, L. , Dehos, C. , Noes, M. des , Morche, D. , Barletta, J.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

Service Management Evolution
Räisänen, V. , Kellerer, W. , Hölttä, P. , Karasti, O. , Heikkinen, S.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Service Management Platform for Personal Networks
Ghader, M. , Olsen, R. L. , Genet, M. G. , Tafazolli, R.
in Service Access & Mobility

Service Platform for interpersonal Communication
Braun, St. , Drewniok, M. , Hammerich, D. , Roessler, H. , Wajda, W.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Simultaneous Predistortion and Nonlinear Detection for Nonlinearly Distorted OFDM Signals
Han, H. D. , Hoeher, P. A.
in Hardware III: Dirty RF

Single Antenna Interference Cancellation Using Prefiltering and Multiuser Joint Detection Based on the M-Algorithm
Nickel, P. , Gerstacker, W.
in Equalization & Interference Cancellation

SIP as a Unified Signalling Solution in a Beyond 3G System
Lioudakis, G. V. , Nikas, V. , Pollak, C. , Wisenöcker, R. , Dellas, N.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Six-Port Receiver for mm-Wave - Concept, Evaluation and Implementation
Eireiner, Th. , Müller, Th.
in Hardware I: Implementation

Slepian Subspace Projection in Time and Frequency for Time-Variant Channel Estimation
Zemen, T. , Hofstetter, H. , Steinböck, G.
in PHY I

SMART: A Media Service Delivery Architecture for Ambient Networks
Rey, J. , Lozano, D. , Herborn, St. , Ahmed, K. , Schmid, St. , Hartung, F. , Kampmann, M. , Kleis, M.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Soft Decoding of LT-Codes for Wireless Broadcast
Jenkac, H. , Mayer, T. , Stockhammer., T. , Xu, W.
in Source & Channel Coding

SOFT-REC: a GPS/EGNOS Software Receiver
Principe, F. , Terzi, C. , Luise, M. , Casucci, M.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

Some General Properties of the Covariation Matrix for MIMO Communication Channels
Alcocer-Ochoa, A. , Kontorovitch, V. Ya. , Parra-Michel, R.

Spectral Shaping of Galileo Signals in the Presence of Frequency Offsets and Multipath Channels
Lohan, E. S. , Lakhzouri, A. , Renfors, M.
in Satellite Systems I

Study of MIMO Capacity for Linear Dipole Arrangements using Spherical Mode Expansions
Klemp, O. , Hampel, S. K. , Eul, H.
in Channel Estimation & Positioning

Supporting Network Transparency in 4G Networks
Mazza, R. , Panza, G. , Balatti, E. , Vavassori, G. , Lamy-Bergot, C.
in Cross-Layer Optimization

System Level Evaluation of Space-Time Turbo Coded MIMO-OFDM for Wide Area Communications
Tölli, A. , Juntti, M.

System Level Impact of Non-reciprocal Interference in Adaptive MIMO-OFDM Cellular Systems
Tölli, A. , Codreanu, M. , Juntti, M.