List of Papers

Techniques for Bluetooth Performance Improvement
Rahim, A. , Dimitrova, R. , Finger, A.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Temporal Cognitive UWB Medium Access in the Presence of Multiple Strong Signal Interferers
Zasowski, T. , Althaus, F. , Wittneben, A.

Testbed for CRRM and E2E QoS Management Evaluation in B3G Networks
Ferrús, R. , Gelonch, A. , Casadevall, F. , Revés, X. , Nafisi, N. , Dohler, M.
in Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

The DAIDALOS Approach to IP Multicast Inter-Domain QoS Control
Guainella, E. , Sansone, C. , Angelini, B. , Angelini, N.
in QoS & Scheduling II

The DAIDALOS Architecture for QoS over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Carneiro, G. , García, C. , Neves, P. , Chen, Z. , Wetterwald, M. , Ricardo, M. , Serrano, P. , Sargento, S. , Banchs, A.
in QoS & Scheduling II

The DAIDALOS Resource Optimization Framework for Converged Broadcast and Telecommunication Mobile Technologies
Guainella, E. , Curcetti, M.
in Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

The Design and Simulation of Q-ary LDPC Codes Based on the PEG algorithm
Li, Y. , Wang, L. , Chen, J.
in PHY I

The Role of Configuration Data and a Configuration Control Module in an End-to-End (E2R) Software Radio System
Burgess, R. , Mende, St.
in Hardware IV: Reconfigurability

The SatNEx Platform: A Pan-European Satellite Network for Integration, Spreading of Excellence and Training
Birnbacher, U. , Raber, S. , Fairhurst, G. , Rumeau, R. , Sheriff, R.
in Satellite Systems II: Mobile Satellite session - supported by the ASMS-TF through the EC MoSSA

The Simplicity System Architecture
Melazzi, N. B. , Salsano, S. , Bartolomeo, G. , Martire, F. , Fischer, E. , Meyer, C. , Niedermeier, Ch. , Seidl, R. , Rukzio, E. , Koutsoloukas, E. , Papanis, J. , Venieris, I. S.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

The Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Outdoor Channel: From Measurement Campaign to Statistical Modelling
Renzo, M. Di , Graziosi, F. , Santucci, F. , Minutolo, R. , Montanari, M.
in UWB Systems

Theoretical Bounds for Ranging with Multi Band OFDM and Direct Sequence UWB Signals
Cardinali, R. , Nardis, L. De , Lombardo, P. , Benedetto, M.-G. Di
in UWB I

Throughput Analysis for a UMTS High Speed Downlink Packet Access LMMSE Equalizer
Freudenthaler, K. , Kaltenberger, F. , Geirhofer, S. , Paul, S. , Wehinger, J. , Mecklenbräuker, C. F. , Springer, A. , Berkmann, J.
in Cellular Systems I: Capacity & HSxPA

Time Frequency Spacing Design for PACE in OFDM System
Gonzalez, R. , Bader, F.
in PHY I

Time-Varying Autoregressive Process for Ultra-Wideband Indoor Channel Model
Taparugssanagorn, A. , Hentilä, L. , Karhu, S.
in UWB Systems

Toward Open and Unified Link-Layer API
Farnham, T. , Gefflaut, A. , Ibing, A. , Mähönen, P. , Melpignano, D. , Riihijärvi, J. , Sooriyabandara, M.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Toward Simplicity: An Introduction
Wu, M. , Storz, O. , Davies, N. , Friday, A.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Towards a Cognitive Radio based Distributed Spectrum Management
Grandblaise, D. , Kloeck, C. , Moessner, K. , Mohyeldin, E. , Pereirasamy, M. K. , Luo, J. , Martoyo, I.
in RRM & Dynamic Spectrum Management

Towards a Context Management Framework for MobiLife
Floréen, P. , Przybilski, M. , Nurmi, P. , Koolwaaij, J. , Tarlano, A. , Wagner, M. , Luther, M. , Bataille, F. , Boussard, M. , Mrohs, B. , Lau, S.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Towards Context-Aware Service Discovery: A Case Study for a new Advise of Charge Service
Bormann, F. , Flake, St. , Tacken, J. , Zoth, C.
in Services, Security & Context Management

Towards Distributed Context Management in Ambient Networks
Reichert, Ch. , Kleis, M. , Giaffreda, R.
in Service Access & Mobility

Towards Peer to Peer Extended Content Delivery Network
Pakkala, D. , Latvakoski, J.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Towards Service Interworking among Ad-Hoc Networks and the Internet
Leggio, S. , Liimatainen, S. , Manner, J. , Mikkonen, T. , Saarinen, J. , Ylä-Jääski, A.
in Ad Hoc Networks

Transform Domain Scrambling PAPR Reduction Technique for OFDM Systems
Hsu, C.-Y. , Chao, H.-C.
in Hardware III: Dirty RF

Transmit Diversity with Constrained Feedback
Krasny, L. , Guey, J.-Ch. , Khayrallah, A.
in MIMO: Transmission Algorithms

Trial of a Hybrid DVB-H / GSM Mobile Broadcast System
Hartl, M. , Rauch, Ch. , Sattler, C. , Baier, A.
in Broadcast Systems & Convergence

Triggering Multi-dimensional Mobility in Ambient Networks
Typpö, V. , Gonsa, O. , Rinta-aho, T. , Tharon, B. , Bonjour, S.
in Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability