List of Papers

Validation of the SDMB Architecture - Key Features and Trials
Andrikopoulos, I. , Peyrusse, O. , Gallet, T. , Widmer, H. , Dubois, T. , Cole, M. , Bourdin, E.
in Trials & System Evaluation

Vertical Handover Support in Coordinated Heterogeneous Radio Access Networks
Ferrús, R. , Gelonch, A. , Sallent, O. , Pérez-Romero, J. , Nafisi, N. , Dohler, M.
in Multi-Radio Access

Virtual Radio Engine: A Programming Concept for Separation of Application Specifications and Hardware Architectures
Hossain, R. , Wesseling, M. , Leopold, C.
in Hardware IV: Reconfigurability