MIMO: Transmission Algorithms

Wednesday, 22 June 2005, 09:00-10:30
Room: Saal 2
Chair: Luis M. Correia

Efficient Feedback Transmission for Multi-User MIMO Systems
Kim, J. S., Kim, H., Lee, K. B.
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Performance of Cyclic Prefix Assisted Single Carrier CDMA Uplink System with MIMO Multiplexing
Fang, Z., Shen, W., Wang, Z.
Fudan University
Transmit Diversity with Constrained Feedback
Krasny, L., Guey, J.-Ch., Khayrallah, A.
Ericsson Inc
Analysis of Orthogonal Transmit Beamforming Using Statistical Channel Information
H.Xu,, Liu, J., Rubio, F., Perez-Neira, A. I.
Joint STBC and Pre-Filtering Technique for MISO TDD Downlink MC-CDMA Systems
Silva, A., Gameiro, A.
University of Aveiro/Intituto de Telecomunicações