Ad Hoc Networks

Monday, 20 June 2005, 11:15-12:45
Room: Poster area
Chair: Guiseppe Abreu

Routing Group Formation in Ambient Networks
Surtees, A., Agüero, R., Tenhunen, J., Rossi, M., Hollos, D.
Siemens/Roke Manor Research Ltd
Clustering Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Boundary Nodes
Tseng, Ch.-Ch., Chen, K.-Ch.
Jiw-Wen Institute of Technology
On the Robustness of a Novel Reputation Mechanism for Centralized Clustered Ad-hoc Networks
Vassilaras, S., Vogiatzis, D., Yovanof, G. S.
Athens Information Technology
A New MAC Approach for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
Raviraj, P., Sharif, H., Hempel, M.
University of Nebraska
Techniques for Bluetooth Performance Improvement
Rahim, A., Dimitrova, R., Finger, A.
Communications Laboratory
Performance of Overlay Bluetooth--WiFi Networks with QoS-oriented Vertical Handover
Corvaja, R.
University of Padova
MC-SS for Personal Area Networks - A Combined PHY and MAC Approach
Schoo, K., Choi, H., Fazel, M. S., Dahlhaus, D., Mutti, C., Sanctis, M. de, Balamuralidhar, P.
Impact of Node Mobility and Network Density on Service Availability in MANETs
Ververidis, Ch. N., Polyzos, .G. C.
Athens University of Economics and Business
Peer-to-peer Management in Ambient Networks
Simon, C., Szabó, R., Kersch, P., Kovács, B., Galis, A., Cheng, L.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Scalable Policy Distribution for Ambient Networks
Gonzalez, A., Stadler, R.
Towards Peer to Peer Extended Content Delivery Network
Pakkala, D., Latvakoski, J.
VTT Electronics
Towards Service Interworking among Ad-Hoc Networks and the Internet
Leggio, S., Liimatainen, S., Manner, J., Mikkonen, T., Saarinen, J., Ylä-Jääski, A.
University of Helsinki
WearIT@work: Communications for the Mobile Worker equipped with Wearable Computing
Timm-Giel, A., Kuladinithi, K., Görg, C.
University of Bremen