QoS & Scheduling

Monday, 20 June 2005, 14:00-15:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Albena Mihovska

Concept of a QoS aware Offer Planning for GPRS/EDGE Networks
Kunz, A., Tcaciuc, S., Gonzalez, M., Ruland, C., Rapp, V.
University of Siegen
Optimal downlink Rate Allocation in multicell CDMA Networks

University Twente
A User-Centric Approach for Dynamic Resource Allocation in CDMA systems based on Hopfield Neural Networks
Garcia, N., Agusti, R., Pérez-Romero, J.
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
A Next Generation QoS Signaling Protocol for IP-based Mobile Networks
Lee, S.-H., Jeong, S.-H., Lee, B.-J., Bang, J.
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Load Observation and Control Model for Load Balancing with QoS in WLAN
Daher, R. W., Tavangarian, D.
Rostock University
An Aggregation-based QoS Architecture for Network Mobility
Wang, Y., Fan, L., Akhtar, N., Chew, K. A., Tafazolli, R.
University of Surrey
An End to End Simulator for Performance Comparison of Different TCP Schemes Over UTRA Channels
Costamagna, E., Favalli, L., Lanati, M., Tarantola, F.
Universita' di Pavia
Design and Analysis of a Dynamic Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) Scheduler
Mazza, R., Panza, G., Grazioli, M.
Design Rules for Efficient Scheduling of Packet Data on Multiple Antenna Downlink
Mazzarese, D. J., Krzymien, W. A.
University of Alberta / TRLabs
End-to-end QoS Architecture for 4G Scenarios
Sargento, S., Prior, R., Sousa, F., Gonçalves, P., Gozdecki, J., Gomes, D., Guainella, E., Cuevas, A., Dziunikowski, W., Fontes, F.
Instituto de Telecomunicações - Universidade de Aveiro
Joint Congestion Control and Scheduling Algorithm in a Multi-Access and Multi-Service Satellite System
Priscoli, F. D., Santoro, G., Colafranceschi, C., Krapez, D. M.
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
QoS-Oriented MAC Technology for Distributed All-MPLS/ATM Satellite Integrated Platform for 3G+/4G and WLAN Communications
Markhasin, A.
Siberian Telecommunications University
Quality of Service Solution for Open Wireless Access Networks
Hoekstra, G. J., Østerbø, O., Schwendener, R., Schneider, J., Panken, F.J.M., Bemmel, J. van
Lucent Technologies
Semantic-Aware Radio Resource Scheduling for Video Streaming in Mobile Packet Networks
Donini, V., Lironi, F., Masseroni, C., Trivisonno, R.
Siemens Mobile Communications