Hardware: Implementation & Reconfigurability

Monday, 20 June 2005, 16:00-17:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Dominique Nussbaum

4-MORE RF Platform, Testbed for a MIMO MC-CDMA System
Cos, E. de, González, J. C., Barquinero, C., Gutiérrez, F., Lobeira, M., Fernández, T., García, J. L.
Compensation of DC-Offsets and RF-Self-Mixing Products in Six-Port-Based Analog Direct Receivers
Mailand, M., Jentschel, H.-J.
Dresden University of Technology
Blind IQ-Imbalance Compensation Using Iterative Inversion for Arbitrary Direct Conversion Receivers
Mailand, M., Jentschel, H.-J., Richter, R.
Dresden University of Technology
Improved Phase Impairment Compensation for Frequency Selective OFDM Systems
Nikitopoulos, K., Tsaramiadis, G., Polydoros, A.
University of Athens
Sensitivity of a MC-CDMA Beyond 3G System to RF Impairments
Maret, L., Dehos, C., Noes, M. des, Morche, D., Barletta, J.
A Configurable IP Core for Combined Blind Frequency and Phase Synchronization of MPSK Bursts
Brack, T., Wasenmüller, U., Wehn, N.
University of Kaiserslautern
A Single DSP Core Communication Engine Solution for Wireless Handsets and Convergence Devices
Lazare, F., Angioni, S.
StarCore LLC
FFT Processor: a Case Study in ASIP Development
Nicola, M., Masera, G., Zamboni, M., Ishebabi, H., Kammler, D., Ascheid, G., Meyr, H.
Politecnico di Torino
A Software-Programmable Multiple-Standard Radio Platform
Blüthgen, H.-M., Graßmann, C., Ramacher, U.
Infineon Technologies AG
SOFT-REC: a GPS/EGNOS Software Receiver
Principe, F., Terzi, C., Luise, M., Casucci, M.
University of Pisa
Testbed for CRRM and E2E QoS Management Evaluation in B3G Networks
Ferrús, R., Gelonch, A., Casadevall, F., Revés, X., Nafisi, N., Dohler, M.
A Highperformance CPFSK Phase-Reconsturction Receiver with Viterbi Decoding
Brückmann, D.
University of Wuppertal
A Robust Block-Shanno Adaptive Blind Multiuser Receiver for DS-CDMA Systems
Elnashar, A., Elnoubi, S., Elmikati, H.
MobiNil (ECMS)
BER Optimization for Micro Power Receivers Using Quick and Accurate System Simulation
Stücke, T., Christoffers, N., Kokozinski, R., Kolnsberg, St.
Fraunhofer-Institute of Microelectronics Circuits and Systems (IMS)
On the Architectural Design of Frequency-Agile Multi-Standard Wireless Receivers
Maurer, L., Burger, T., Dellsperger, T., Stuhlberger, R., Hueber, G., Schmidt, M., Weigel, R.
Performance of a MC-CDMA Baseband Demonstrator for Beyond 3G Systems
Popon, X., Zaghdoudi, L., Noes, M. des, Bouttier, A., Fernadez-Herrero, A., Massiani, A., Bauer, F.