Broadcast, Satellite & HAPS Systems

Tuesday, 21 June 2005, 11:00-12:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Axel Jahn

A Flexible Communication System for High-Speed Broadband Wireless Access from High Altitude Platforms: a CAPANINA Candidate
Boch, A., Falletti, E., Laddomada, M., Mondin, M., Sellone, F.
Politecnico di Torino
Fade-tolerant Beam Acquisition and Tracking for Optical Inter-HAP Crosslinks
Dreischer, T., Märki, A., Thieme, B.
Contraves Space AG
Optical Free-Space Communications Downlinks from Stratospheric Platforms - Overview on STROPEX, the Optical Communications Experiment of CAPANINA
Giggenbach, D., Horwath, J.
Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (SDMB) System Presentation
Selier, C., Chuberre, N.
Alcatel Space
Relative Positioning of the European Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcast (SDMB) Among Candidate Mobile Broadcast Solutions
Chuberre, N., Corazza, G. E., Courseille, O., Nussli, C., Selier, C.
Alcatel Space
On the Use of OFDM for beyond 3G Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Cioni, S., Corazza, G. E., Neri, M., Vanelli-Coralli, A.
University of Bologna
Adaptive Control for Delay and Throughput in Broadband GEO Satellite Interactive Channels
Lee, K.-D., Oh, D.-G., Lee, H.-J.
Hybrid Wireless Networks Combining WLAN, FSO and Satellite Technology for Disaster Recovery
Leitgeb, E., Birnbacher, U., Muhammad, S. S., Koudelka, O., Kandus, G., Gebhart, M., Schrotter, P., Chlestil, Ch., Merdonig, A.
Graz University of Technology
Benefits and Limitations of Hybrid (Broadcast/Mobile) Networks
Heuck, Ch.
Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik
The DAIDALOS Resource Optimization Framework for Converged Broadcast and Telecommunication Mobile Technologies
Guainella, E., Curcetti, M.
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
MIPv6 Extensions for seamless IP Mobility in Converged DVB-T/WLAN Networks
Negru, D., Mehaoua, A., Pallis, E.
A Comparison between Satellite DVB Conditional Access and Secure IP Multicast
Cruickshank, H. S., Howarth, M. P., Iyengar, S., Sun, Z.
University of Surrey, UK
An Investigation of and a Proposal for Handover Decision-making in DVB-H
Yang, X. D., Song, Y. H., Owens, T. J., Cosmas, J., Itagaki, T.
Brunel University
Seamless Mobility over Broadband Wireless Networks
Steuer, F., Elkotob, M., Albayrak, S., Bryhni, H., Lunde, T.
Technische Universität Berlin
Use of Random Building Height Model for Fixed Wireless Access System in Urban and Suburban Environments
Abhayawardhana, V. S., Crosby, D., Wassell, I. J., Sellars, M. P., Brown, M. G.
BT Plc