UWB Systems

Tuesday, 21 June 2005, 14:00-15:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Sven Zeisberg

Ultra-Wideband Transmission with Polarization Diversity for Constant QoS in Short-Range Communications
Argenti, F., Bianchi, T., Mucchi, L., Ronga, L. S.
University of Florence
Low Complexity Low Data Rate UWB Devices - Architecture and Performance Comparison
Schmidt, M., Simic, D., Moorfeld, R.
Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
Effect of Pulse Selection on the Capacity of Multi-User UWB Systems
Abdel-Hafez, M., Alagöz, F., Hämäläinen, M., Latva-Aho, M.
United Arab Emirates University
Design and Analysis of an Antenna for Ultra-Wideband System
Yazdandoost, K. Y., Kohno, R.
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
An Energy-Efficient Positioning-Enabled MAC Protocol (PMAC) for UWB Sensor Networks
Cheong, P., Oppermann, I.
University of Oulu
Geo-Regioning for UWB Networks
Althaus, F., Troesch, F., Wittneben, A.
Swiss Feral Institute of Technology
Non-Coherent Energy Collection Approach for TOA Estimation in UWB Systems
Rabbachin, A., Montillet, J.-Ph., Cheong, P., Abreu, G. T. F. de, Oppermann, I.
Centre for Wireless Communications
The Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Outdoor Channel: From Measurement Campaign to Statistical Modelling
Renzo, M. Di, Graziosi, F., Santucci, F., Minutolo, R., Montanari, M.
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of L'Aquila
Time-Varying Autoregressive Process for Ultra-Wideband Indoor Channel Model
Taparugssanagorn, A., Hentilä, L., Karhu, S.
University of Oulu
Enhanced UWB Radio Channel Model for Short-Range Communication Scenarios Including User Dynamics
Kovacs, I. Z., Nguyen, H. T., Eggers, P. C.F., Olesen, K.
Aalborg University