Networks: Architectures & Reconfigurability

Wednesday, 22 June 2005, 11:00-12:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Fiona Williams

Auctions Sequence as a New Spectrum Allocation Mechanism
Kloeck, C., Jaekel, H., Jondral, F. K.
INT Universität Karlsruhe
WINNER Methodology for Calculating the Spectrum Requirements for Systems Beyond IMT-2000
Matinmikko, M., Irnich, T., Huschke, J., Lappeteläinen, A., Ojala, J.
VTT Electronics
A New Utility Based Channel Allocation Scheme in P2P Enabled TDD CDMA System
Zhang, Y., Shang, D.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Admission Control Policy for WLAN Systems based on the "Capacity Region"
Barbaresi, A., Barberis, S., Goria, P.
Telecom Italia
Capacity Degradation due to External Interference in Mobile Communication Systems
Hata, M., Tomisato, S.
Okayama University
Feasibility of UMTS-TDD mode in the 2500-2690MHz Band for MBMS
Boal, A., Silva, L., Correia, A.
An Advanced Authorization Framework for IP-based B3G Systems
Olivereau, A., Skarmeta, A. F. G., Lopez, R. M., Weyl, B., Brandão, P., Mishra, P., Hauser, Ch.
Cooperative Services for 4G
Frattasi, S., Can, B., Fitzek, F. H. P., Prasad, R.
Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF), Aalborg University
RA Beaconing Optimization for Fast Handoff in IPv6 Wireless Networks
Marco, G. De, Sugita, K., Barolli, L.
Fukuoka Institute of Technology
A Radio over Fiber based Wireless Access Network Architecture for Rural Areas
Kim, H. B., Wolisz, A.
Technical University of Berlin
Cooperation of 4G Radio Networks with Legacy Systems
Lott, M., Sdralia, V., Pischella, M., Lugara, D., Mihovska, A., Ponnekanti, S., Tragos, E., Mino, E.
Siemens AG
Redundant Topology in Computer Network Realized with Millimeter Wave Radio Links
Peric, D., Peric, M., Petrovic, G.
IMTEL Institute
End-to-End Reconfigurable System Architecture Definition
Berthet, N., Pirez, D., Goubard, J.-E., Denef, Y., Arndt, M., Mihailovic, A., Olaziregi, N., Minokuchi, A., Souville, B., Buracchini, E., Trogolo, A., Goria, P., Alvarez, M.
Thales Communications
The Simplicity System Architecture
Melazzi, N. B., Salsano, S., Bartolomeo, G., Martire, F., Fischer, E., Meyer, C., Niedermeier, Ch., Seidl, R., Rukzio, E., Koutsoloukas, E., Papanis, J., Venieris, I. S.
Univ. of Roma "Tor Vergata"
FlexiNET: Flexible Network Architecture for Enhanced Access Network Services and Applications
Aladros, R. L., Kavadias, Ch. D., Tombros, S., Denazis, S., Kostopoulos, G., Soler, J., Haas, R., Dessiniotis, Ch., Winter, E.
Alcatel SEL AG
Network Control and Management for Beyond 3G End-to-End Reconfiguration
Boufidis, Z., Alonistioti, N., Dillinger, M.
The University of Athens
Performance Evaluation of GPRS MCAST Multicast over GPRS Solution
Desiniotis, Ch., Kypris, K., Markoulidakis, Y.
Vodafone-Panafon Greece
MobileIN: Harmonized Services over Heterogeneous Mobile, IN and WLAN Infrastructures
Kavadias, Ch. D., Grabner, B., Rupp, St., Kabilafkas, D., Pagomenos, G., Mota, T., Ritchie, L.
Triggering Multi-dimensional Mobility in Ambient Networks
Typpö, V., Gonsa, O., Rinta-aho, T., Tharon, B., Bonjour, S.
Impact of Smart Antennas on QoS Routing for Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Coletti, L., Ciglioni, D., Capone, A., Zambardi, M.
Siemens Mobile Communications
Context-aware Group Management in Mobile Environments
Coutand, O., Droegehorn, O., David, K., Nurmi, P., Floréen, P., Kernchen, R., Holtmanns, S., Campadello, St., Kanter, T., Martin, M., Eijk, R. van, Guarneri, R.
University of Kassel
SIP as a Unified Signalling Solution in a Beyond 3G System
Lioudakis, G. V., Nikas, V., Pollak, C., Wisenöcker, R., Dellas, N.
Ericsson Hellas