Services, Security & Context Management

Wednesday, 22 June 2005, 14:00-15:30
Room: Poster area
Chair: Riccardo Pascotto

A Comprehensive and Flexible Security Concept for CDNs in Heterogeneous Environments
Falk, R., Jerichow, A., Schäfer, M.
Siemens AG
Credit-Based Authorization for Concurrent IP-Address Tests
Vogt, Ch.
University of Karlsruhe
Protecting Privacy of Identities in Federated Operator Environments
Weyl, B., Brandão, P., Skarmeta, A. F. G., Lopez, R. M., Mishra, P., Hauser, Ch., Ziemek, H.
BMW Group Research and Technnology
Design and Implementation of a Service Discovery Architecture in Pervasive Systems
Suraci, V., Inzerilli, T.
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Design of Service Discovery & Provisioning Architecture based on the Open Services Gateway Initiative
Suraci, V., Taglieri, M.
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Service Management Evolution
Räisänen, V., Kellerer, W., Hölttä, P., Karasti, O., Heikkinen, S.
Service Platform for interpersonal Communication
Braun, St., Drewniok, M., Hammerich, D., Roessler, H., Wajda, W.
Alcatel SEL
Toward Simplicity: An Introduction
Wu, M., Storz, O., Davies, N., Friday, A.
Lancaster University
Realizing Simplicity: Ambient Aware Service Adaptation
Fischer, E.-A., Meyer, C., Niedermeier, Ch., Seidl, R., Kapellaki, S., Prezerakos, G.
An Object-Oriented Data Model for a Centralized Subscriber Profile Database
Diehl, A., Banet, F.-J., Siegmund, G., Rupp, St., Fuhrmann, W.
Alcatel SEL AG
Architecture for Profile Translation
Wuest, B., Drögehorn, O., David, K.
Universität Kassel
Towards Context-Aware Service Discovery: A Case Study for a new Advise of Charge Service
Bormann, F., Flake, St., Tacken, J., Zoth, C.
ORGA Systems enabling services GmbH
Towards a Context Management Framework for MobiLife
Floréen, P., Przybilski, M., Nurmi, P., Koolwaaij, J., Tarlano, A., Wagner, M., Luther, M., Bataille, F., Boussard, M., Mrohs, B., Lau, S.
University of Helsinki
Toward Open and Unified Link-Layer API
Farnham, T., Gefflaut, A., Ibing, A., Mähönen, P., Melpignano, D., Riihijärvi, J., Sooriyabandara, M.
Aachen University (RWTH)
SMART: A Media Service Delivery Architecture for Ambient Networks
Rey, J., Lozano, D., Herborn, St., Ahmed, K., Schmid, St., Hartung, F., Kampmann, M., Kleis, M.
Panasonic R&D Germany GmbH
MHP-based Mobile Prototype Implementing the INSTINCT Middleware Concept
Schiek, U., Steckel, Ph.
Braunschweig Technical University
A Survey of Adaptive Layered Video Multicast using MPEG-2 Streams
Mayer, A., Linder, H.
University of Salzburg
Efficiency Considerations for Multicast Web Caching
Schmidbauer, J., Linder, H.
University of Salzburg
Group Coordination for Mobile Families
Aftelak, A., Galli, L., Kurvinen, E., Zanazzo, I.
Motorola Ltd
Enthrone Core Networking Elements for End-to-End QoS Provision over Heterogeneous Settings
Ahmed, T., Asgari, A., Borcoci, E., Eccles, S., Kormentzas, G, Kourtis, A., Mehaoua, A., Xilouris, G.
NCSR - Demokritos
Business Models and Revenue Streams in 3G Market
Panagiotakis, S., Koutsopoulou, M., Alonistioti, N.
University of Athens