Broadband, Fixed Wireless Access & HAPs

Wednesday, 22 June 2005, 14:00-15:30
Room: Konferenz 3
Chair: Christoph Dosch

Comparison of IEEE802.16 WiMax Scenarios with Fixed and Mobile Subscribers in Tight Reuse
Ball, C.F., Humburg, E., Ivanov, K., Treml, F.
3.5 GHZ Broadband Fixed Wireless Network Design for Rural Deployment
Ryan, D. M., Allen, S. M., Hurley, S., Taplin, R. K., Elnegaard, N. K.
Cardiff University, UK
Downlink Performance of WiMAX Broadband from High Altitude Platform and Terrestrial Deployments sharing a common 3.5GHz band
Yang, Z., Grace, D., Mitchell, P. D.
University of York
CAPANINA Communications from Aerial Platform Networks Delivering Broadband Information for All
Grace, D., Mohorcic, M., Oodo, M., Capstick, M. H., Pallavicini, M. B., Lalovic, M.
University of York
An Adaptive Bandwidth Reservation Method for IEEE 802.16 BWA System: Using Data Mining Techniques
Mojdeh, M., Alavi, H. S., Yazdani, N., Lucas, C.
University of Tehran