Board of Directors

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EURASIP is a non profit organisation which is governed by its Board of Directors, BoD. There are eight BoD members, seven of which are elected by the members for a period of four years. The president of the previous term (the Past President) is the eighth member of the BoD. The BoD convenes regularly to progress the efficient running and organisation of the association. The committee is also assisted by a number of BoD officers undertaking specific management and development tasks.

BoD Members

President Fulvio Gini (term ending 31/12/2014)
Past President  Marc Moonen (non-voting member, term ending 31/12/2014)
Secretary/Treasurer  Maria Paula Queluz (term ending 31/12/2014)
Awards Patrick Naylor (term ending 31/12/2016)
Membership Development  Ana Perez-Neira (term ending 31/12/2016)
Workshops/Conferences  Abdelhak Zoubir (term ending 31/12/2016)
Publications  Jean-Luc Dugelay  (term ending 31/12/2014)
Web Services  Aggelos Pikrakis (term ending 31/12/2014)