Workshop and Conference Activities


Abdelhak-Zoubir.jpgThose who attended the 19th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2011) in  Barcelona in August and September 2011 would surely agree with me that the organisers put together a very high quality technical programme. Not only did we have the opportunity to listen to outstanding keynotes, but the posters and lectures were also of a high calibre. Many delegates were delighted to attend EUSIPCO this year. Like all the participants, I enjoyed very much the technical programme. I wish to thank all persons involved in the technical programme committee for their time and effort. Of course, without excellent submissions, one cannot reach this high standard. Thus, I thank all contributors for sharing their new results with us. In particular, I wish to thank the keynote speakers for agreeing to come to Barcelona and to share with us the most recent advancement in the fields of signal and image processing.

Furthermore, I had the pleasure to meet old and new friends in a very nice and relaxing social atmosphere. I wish to thank The Honorary Chair, Miguel A. Lagunas, The General Chair, Ana I. Pérez-Neira, her General Vice-Chair, Carles Antón-Haro and their team for selecting an excellent venue, and for offering a beautiful entertainment programme. We all enjoyed the generous banquet.

EURASIP is proud of its flagship conference, EUSIPCO. The 20th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2012) will take place at the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, August 27U31, 2012. The General Chairs, Corneliu Burileanu from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu from Télécom ParisTech, and their team are experienced professionals in putting together excellent conferences. Together with their team, they have already selected keynote speakers, who promise to give exciting talks. The deadline for submitting special sessions, tutorials and papers is fast approaching. All the information is available at the following address: The success of the conference is dependent on your valuable participation. I look forward to meeting you in Bucharest.

In this issue of the newsletter, you will find a calendar of events, which lists forthcoming workshops or conferences that are co-sponsored by EURASIP. Some Calls for Papers are also included. The Board of Directors of EURASIP would be glad to receive your proposals for a future EUSIPCO conference or a request for a co-sponsorship of a conference or a workshop you are planning to organise.


Abdelhak Zoubir

EURASIP Event Coordinator