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Syndex executive development for DSPs TI C6x aplied to real-time and embedded multiprocessors architectures

Nezan Jean Francois, INSA Rennes
Le Mener Yann, INSA Rennes
Raulet Mickael, INSA Rennes
Kountouris Apostolos, Mitsubishi Electric
Moy Christophe, Mitsubishi Electric

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 213-216


Paper abstract
Real time signal, image and control applications have very important time constraints, involving the use of several powerful numerical calculation units. The aim of our project is to develop a fast prototyping process dedicated to parallel architectures made of several last generation Texas Instruments digital signal processors : TMS320C6X DSP. We use SynDEx, a CAD software de-veloped to improve algorithm implementation onto multi-processor architectures, finding the best matching between an algorithm and an architecture. We have developed a SynDEx executive kernel for the C6X DSP family, in order to automatically generate a distributed and optimized static executive of the specified algorithm onto those processors.

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