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Linearization Technique for Stereophonic Reproduction Systems with Nonlinearity

Kajikawa Yoshinobu, Kansai University
Nomura Yasuo, Kansai University

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Volume I pp 321-324

Nonlinear Signal and Systems / Adaptive Methods

Paper abstract
In this paper, we propose a novel linearization technique for stereophonic reproduction systems with nonlinearity by using the MINT and Volterra filters. In the proposed technique, the linearization is achieved by incorporating Volterra filters into the MINT, which can realize exact linear inverse filtering. The linearization performance of the proposed technique is consequently very high. The proposed technique can simultaneously linearize two loudspeaker systems in the stereophonic reproduction systems, also. On the other hand, the conventional linearization technique for monaural reproduction systems cannot realize exact linear inverse filtering. The linearization performance consequently deteriorates remarkably. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed technique has about 20dB higher performance than the conventional one. The proposed technique also has smaller computational complexity than the conventional one.

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