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Noise constrained LMS algorithm in transform domain

Bilcu Radu Ciprian, Tampere University of Technology
Kuosmanen Pauli, Tampere University of Technology
Egiazarian Karen, Tampere University of Technology

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume I pp 325-328

Nonlinear Signal and Systems / Adaptive Methods

Paper abstract
In a recent paper the authors proposed a new Variable Step LMS algorithm for transform domain. In that algorithm the step-size structure was analyzed from a new point of view. The step-size has two components: a global component, that is the same for each filter coefficient and a local time-variable component, given by the power normalization. Making the global component also time-variable, the speed of convergence was greatly increased. In this paper we introduce a new method for adaptation of the global component by using some informations about noise variance. The novelty of this algorithm consists in low complexity and also the trade-off between a small misadjustment and a fast convergence speed is completly eliminated.

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