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Theoretical analysis of adaptive noise reduction algorithms for hearing aids

Maj Jean Baptiste, ESAT-SISTA / Lab Exp ORL KULeuven
Moonen Marc, ESAT-SISTA KULeuven
Wouters Jan, Lab Exp ORL KULeuven

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume I pp 511-514

Echo Cancellation and Speech Enhancement

Paper abstract
This paper presents the theoretical analysis of 2 different adaptive noise reduction algorithms for twin-microphone hearing aids. A first noise reduction algorithm is based on a beamformer technique and a second is based on optimal filtering and singular value decomposition (SVD). On the one hand, it is shown that the SVD-based technique gives a robust solution against unmatched microphone characteristics. On the other hand, the beamformer technique has a better robustness against voice activity detector (VAD) errors.

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