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Nonstationary Methods and application to Noisy Ultrasound Doppler

Kouamé Denis, Lussi, Tours
Girault Jean-Marc, Lussi, Blois
Chemla Jean-Paul, Lussi, Tours
Reméniéras Jean-Pierre, Lussi, Tours
Lethiecq Marc, Lussi, Blois

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Volume III pp 3-6

Industrial Applications

Paper abstract
Real time flow velocity measurement using ultrasound Doppler is a problem of considerable practical interest in industrial and biomedical applications. The principle consists in accessing flow velocity through estimation of Doppler spectrum or frequency. In presence of colored noise, the commonly used time frequency distributions and parametric Autoregressive methods become highly inaccurate. We propose in this paper to show via colored noisy Doppler simulation the suitability of modified parametric and parametric Wigner-ville techniques in this problem.

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