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Information-theoretic resolution of perceptual WSS watermarking of non i.i.d Gaussian signals

Le Guelvouit Gaetan, IRISA
Pateux Stephane, IRISA
Guillemot Christine, IRISA

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume I pp 454-457

Security Issues in Digital Watermarking (2/2)

Paper abstract
The theoretical foundations of data hiding have been revealed by formulating the problem as message communication over a noisy channel. We revisit the problem in light of a more general characterization of the watermark channel and of weighted distortion measures. Considering spread spectrum based information hiding, we release the usual assumption of an i.i.d. cover signal. The game-theoretic resolution of the problem reveals a generalized characterization of optimum attacks. The paper then derives closed-form expressions for the different parameters exhibiting a practical embedding and extraction technique.

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