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Protection of 3-D object usage through texture watermarking

Dugelay Jean-Luc, Institut Eurecom
Garcia Emmanuel, Institut Eurecom

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume III pp 93-96

Multimedia Data Protection / Speech Analysis and Recognition

Paper abstract
In this paper, we describe a novel framework for watermarking 3-D objects via texture information. Instead of classical existing algorithms dealing with 3-D objects that operate on meshes in order to protect the object itself, the goal of our work is to retrieve information originally hidden in the texture image of the object, from resulting images or videos having used the 3-D synthetic object. After developping a bit the theory and practical details of our new 3-D object watermarking scheme, we present preliminary results and make a comparison between the problem of recovering the watermark from a visualized textured 3-D object and that of recovering the watermark in an altered still image.

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