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Active Contours Propagation in a Medical Images Sequence With a Local Estimation

Djemal Khalifa, Université de Toulon
Puech William, Université de Montpellier II
Rossetto Bruno, Université de Toulon

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Volume I pp 41-44

Image Processing: From Acquisition to Interpretation

Paper abstract
We present an automatic technique for contour detection of the abdominal aorta on a medical images sequence. We apply the method of region based active contours using local parameter estimation related to the object region. This method allows the automation of the detection process. The initialization of our algorithm is only done on the first image of the sequence. Our method, consists in defining for each cut of the sequence a local region to find the searched contour. The contour obtained for an image, after a dilatation, is then used for the initialization of the following image. All unneeded objects in the image will not be detected.

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