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Reversible Conversion between Interlaced and Progressive Scan Formats and Its Efficient Implementation

Kikuchi Hisakazu, Niigata University
Muramatsu Shogo, Niigata University
Ishida Takuma, Niigata University
Kuge Tetsuro, NHK

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume III pp 275-278

Image Representation and Transformation

Paper abstract
A new class of video format conversion between interlaced and progressive scan formats is discussed. It is a kind of the deinterlacing problem and is defined as follows: format conversion of an interlaced scan signal to a progressive scan signal of half the temporal sampling rate to the interlaced signal, and vice versa, under the criterion of equal sampling density. This offers a reversible scan format conversion. The reversibility implies no loss of information contents and is advantageous in video coding. Also, an efficient implementation of the lossless conversion system is presented and deinterlacing artifacts are significantly suppressed.

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