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Adaptive Kalman Filtering for Speech Signal Recovery in Colored Noise

Gabrea Marcel, Ecole de Technologie Superieure Montreal

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Volume III pp 305-308

Speech Enhancement and Noise Reduction

Paper abstract
This paper deals with the problem of speech enhancement when a corrupted speech signal with an additive colored noise is the only information available for processing. Kalman filtering is known as an effective speech enhancement technique, in which speech signal is usually modeled as autoregressive (AR) process and represented in the state-space domain. In the above context, all the Kalman filter-based approaches proposed in the past, operate in two steps: first, the noise and the signal parameters are estimated, and second, the speech signal is estimated by using Kalman filtering. In this paper a new sequential estimators are developed for sub-optimal adaptive estimation of the unknown a priori driving processes statistics simultaneously with the system state and a recursively least-squares lattice (RLSL) algorithm is used for adaptive estimation of the speech and noise AR parameters. The algorithm provides improved speech estimate at little computational expense.

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