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A Class of Perfect-Reconstruction Nonuniform Cosine-Modulated Filter-Banks with Dynamic Recombination

Xie X.M., Department of EEEE, Univ.of HK
Chan S.C., Department of EEEE, Univ.of HK
Yuk T. I., Department of EEEE, Univ.of HK

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 549-552

Multirate and Filterbanks

Paper abstract
In some applications, such as audio coding and spectral analysis, different nonuniform frequency partition is desirable. This paper proposes a class of perfect-reconstruction (PR) nonuniform cosine-modulated filter-banks (CMFBs) with dynamic recombination. It is based on a two-stage structured nonuniform filter-bank (FB). By dynamically merging consecutive subbands in an original uniform FB with pre-designed transmultiplexers (TMUXs) having different numbers of channels, PR nonuniform FBs with adjustable time-frequency resolution can be obtained. In particular, we discuss the important issue of the PR recombination nonuniform FB when the coprime condition on the numbers of channels in the original FB and the recombination TMUX does not hold. A new optimization criterion is presented to handle the case. Finally, detailed design procedure and example are shown to illustrate this method.

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