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Investigation of Digital TV-Terrestrial Signal for Radar Application

Saini Rajesh, University of Birmingham
Cherniakov Mike, University of Birmingham

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Volume III pp 15-18

Industrial Applications

Paper abstract
Over the past year there has been much interest shown in bistatic radar using existing non-cooperative transmitters. Previous studies within this area have first of all investigated analogue television based bistatic radar. It was concluded that this type of radar is best suited for Doppler rather than range measurement. Currently, analogue television is being replaced by digital video broadcasting – terrestrial standards, hence the need to investigate the possibility of using a Digital television–terrestrial (DTV-T) signal for radar applications. This paper represents the first step in analysing a DTV-T signal ambiguity function. Theoretical and computer analysis show that the ambiguity function, in addition to its thumbtack shape, contains some deterministic peaks. A method to filter out these unwanted peaks is also outlined.

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