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A Geometric Approach For Separating Post Non-Linear Mixtures

Babaie-Zadeh Massoud, Sharif University & LIS-INPG
Jutten Christian, LIS-INPG - France
Nayebi Kambiz, Sharif University - Iran

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 11-14

Blind Source Separation / Independent Component Analysis (2/2)

Paper abstract
A geometric method for separating PNL mixtures, for the case of 2 sources and 2 sensors, has been presented. The main idea is to find compensating nonlinearities to transform the scatter plot of observations to a parallelogram. It then results in a linear mixture which can be separated by any linear source separation algorithm. An indirect result of the paper is another separability proof of PNL mixtures of bounded sources for 2 sources and 2 sensors.

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