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Scan-based Quality Control for JPEG2000 using R-D Models

Parisot Christophe, I3S Lab.
Antonini Marc, I3S Lab.
Barlaud Michel, I3S Lab.

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume III pp 59-62

JPEG 2000 (1/2)

Paper abstract
JPEG 2000 compression of very large images (e.g. medical imaging, microscopy, satellite images, photography) requires tiling processing. Tiling processing results in border artifacts. Scan-based wavelet transform avoids these artifacts. However scan-based methods using rate control result in poor local quality control. Most of applications require quality control image coding without any real time rate constraint (e.g. off-line compression for storage or for broadcasting over IP, ADSL ...). Therefore, we propose a new scan-based wavelet transform compression algorithm based on quality control for JPEG 2000-like codecs. The method proposed in this paper ensures accurate local quality control and can provide a global rate-distortion improvement up to 1.7 dB in PSNR comparatively to a rate control procedure.

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