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Optimized directed decision frequency synchronization systems in presence of Gaussian noise and oscillator phase noise

Hélard Jean-François, IETR - INSA - RENNES
Bougeard Stéphane, IETR - INSA - RENNES

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Volume II pp 39-42

Synchronization Techniques (2/2)

Paper abstract
This paper presents the performance of a directed decision frequency synchronization system associated to high order Quadrature Amplitude Modulations in presence of Gaussian noise and local oscillator phase noise. In this study, phase noise is modelled using white Gaussian noise filtered by an analog shaping filter which has a transfer function specified by the shape of the phase noise power spectrum density. Using this model, simulation results show that an optimum trade-off between AWGN and phase noise robustness for the loop bandwidth can be determined. Furthermore, novel decision areas related to Quadrature Amplitude Modulations are determined in order to improve the performance of the carrier recovery algorithm in presence of phase noise and frequency offset.

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