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Another Turbo-Something: Carrier Synchronization

Giugno Luca, University of Pisa
Lottici Vincenzo, University of Pisa
Luise Marco, University of Pisa

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume II pp 25-30

Synchronization Techniques (2/2)

Paper abstract
We introduce in this paper a low-complexity joint carrier frequency and phase recovery algorithm for coherent de-tection/decoding of a turbo-coded 16-QAM signal. The estimator (which can be actually applied to any linear modulation scheme) is based on a pseudo-Maximum Like-lihood (ML) approach, and unlike previously published works, makes iterative use of soft decisions provided by the SISO (Soft-In Soft-Out) decoders within the overall iterative turbo decoding scheme, yielding negligible deg-radation with respect to ideal carrier synchronization. Per-formance in terms of mean estimated value, mean-squared estimation error, and overall decoder Bit Error Rate (BER) as derived by simulation are also reported.

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