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SVM-based lost packets concealment for ASR applications over IP

Peláez-Moreno Carmen, U. Carlos III de Madrid
Gallardo-Antolín Ascensión, U. Carlos III de Madrid
Parrado-Hernández Emilio, U. Carlos III de Madrid
Díaz-de-María Fernando, U. Carlos III de Madrid

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume III pp 529-532

Non linear Speech Processing

Paper abstract
Voice over IP is becoming very popular due to the huge range of services that can be implemented by means of integrating different media (voice, audio, data, etc.). Besides, voice-enabled interfaces for those services based on speech recognition are being very actively researched. As it has been already pointed out, the impact of packet losses on speech recognizers is very important. In this paper, we have compared the usual concealment method used to replace the lost packets with an SVM-based one that outperforms the most commonly employed method (repetition of the last correctly received frame). Furthermore, preliminary ASR experiments show a slight enhancement of the recognition accuracy, which can be further improved due to the versatility of the method we are proposing.

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