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RAdon Soft Hash Algorithm

Lefebvre Frédéric, UCL
Macq Benoit, UCL
Legat Jean-Didier, UCL

Page numbers in the proceedings:
Volume I pp 299-302

Security Issues in Digital Watermarking (1/2)

Paper abstract
In this paper, we present a high compression and collision resistant algorithm for images either suitable to extract an indexing pattern of the image and to detect deformations applied to original image. Some transforms are extracting characteristics invariant against geometrical deformations (rotation and scalling). Among them, the Radon transform, largely used in magnetic resonance imaging, is also robust against image processing basic attacks (like compression, filtering, blurring, etc...) and strong attacks (Stirmark). This transformation allows to caracterize easily features of geometrical transforms. It permits also an easy extraction of an indexing vector of the image.

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