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Modelling of visual features by Markov chains for sport content characterization

Leonardi Riccardo, DEA University of Brescia
Migliorati Pierangelo, DEA University of Brescia
Prandini Maria, DEA University of Brescia

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Volume III pp 349-352

Content based Audio and Video Indexing (1/2)

Paper abstract
The problem of semantic indexing of audio-visual documents is of great interest due to the wide diffusion of large audio-video databases. In this paper, we propose a semantic indexing algorithm based on the controlled Markov chain modelling framework. Controlled Markov chain models are used to describe the temporal evolution of low-level descriptors extracted from the MPEG compressed bit-stream. The proposed algorithm has been conceived for soccer game video sequences, and seems promising based on the simulation results obtained in this preliminary study.

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