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Code list according to left-most figure
Paper #003 Chan Mun Keat, Cowan Colin Using a normalised LMF algorithm for channel equalisation with co-channel interference
Paper #004 Rautiainen Mikko, Malmivuo Jaakko Iterative method for creating wavelet dictionaries
Paper #005 Jensen Jesper, Heusdens Richard A Comparison of Sinusoidal Model Variants for Speech and Audio Representation
Paper #012 Kamiya Yukihiro, Besson Olivier A constant power algorithm for partial-band interference rejection in frequency-hopping communication systems
Paper #013 Schnell Karl, Lacroix Arild Analysis of Nasals and Nasalized Vowels Based on Branched Tube Models
Paper #014 Faúndez-Zanuy Marcos N-dimensional nonlinear prediction with MLP
Paper #015 Derrode Stephane, Ghorbel Faouzi Shape distance for rotation estimation and rotational symmetry detection in gray-level images
Paper #016 Evangelista Gennaro, Göckler Heinz Arbitrary Sampling Rate Conversion of Complex Signals
Paper #020 Ibnkahla Mohamed Statistical analysis of neural network inversion of Hammerstein systems for gaussian inputs
Paper #021 Dumitrescu Bogdan On Convex Stability Domain and Optimization of IIR Filters
Paper #022 Bernabeu Pablo, Vegara Luís, Bosch Ignacio Nonlinear prediction of infrared data by the Wiener system
Paper #026 Nezan Jean Francois, Le Mener Yann, Raulet Mickael, Kountouris Apostolos, Moy Christophe Syndex executive development for DSPs TI C6x aplied to real-time and embedded multiprocessors architectures
Paper #027 Chapeau-Blondeau François, Rojas Varela Julio Noise-assisted signal transmission for nonlinear systems with saturation
Paper #028 Berberidis Kostas, Karybali Irene A new efficient cross-correlation based image registration technique with imporved performance
Paper #031 Saito Takahiro, Satsumabayashi Jun, Yashiro Kentarou, Komatsu Takashi Selective image-sharpness enhancement by coupled nonlinear reaction-diffusion time-evolution and its practical application
Paper #032 Saito Takahiro, Yashiro Kentarou, Satsumabayashi Jun, Komatsu Takashi Statistically optimal control of a blending-type filter with its application to old film restoration
Paper #034 Psarakis Emmanouil, Moustakides George Closed form expressions for optimum FIR polynomial predictive filtering
Paper #035 Pham Dinh-Tuan Blind Separation of Non Stationary Non Gaussian Sources
Paper #036 Pinho Armando, Neves Antonio Improvement of the lossless compression of images with quasi-sparse histograms
Paper #037 Erdogmus Deniz, Príncipe José, Vielva Luis Blind Deconvolution with Minimum Renyi's Entropy
Paper #038 Erdogmus Deniz, Rao Yadunandana N., Príncipe José, Fontenla-Romero Oscar, Vielva Luis An Efficient, Robust, and Fast Converging Principal Components Extraction Algorithm: SIPEX-G
Paper #039 Erdogmus Deniz, Hild II Kenneth E., Príncipe José, Vielva Luis Blind Separation of Uncorrelated Sources
Paper #043 Goupil Alban, Palicot Jacques Constant Norm Algorithms Class
Paper #044 Burykh Serguei, Abed Meraim Karim Multi-Stage Reduced-Rank Adaptive Filter With Flexible Structure
Paper #045 Lopez Francisco, Vesma Jussi, Renfors Markku Defining the wordlength of the fractional interval in interpolation filters
Paper #047 Volkmer Markus, Banke Boris Pulse-induced masking of sonagrams for the enhancement of speech
Paper #048 Wyzgolik Roman Determination of P phase arrival in low-amplitude seismic signals from coal-mines with wavelets
Paper #049 Koutsogiannis Grigorios, Soraghan John Kernel Principal Component Analysis (KPCA) for the de-noising of communication signals
Paper #052 Kajikawa Yoshinobu, Nomura Yasuo Linearization Technique for Stereophonic Reproduction Systems with Nonlinearity
Paper #056 Parisi Raffaele, Gazzetta Riccardo, Di Claudio Elio D. Common-acoustical-pole preprocessing for source localization in reverberant rooms
Paper #058 Petrovsky Alexander, Bielawski Krzystof Auditory model based speech enhancement system for hands-free devices
Paper #059 Stankovic Srdjan, Ivanovic Veselin, Stankovic Ljubisa Hartley Transform Based Architecture for Time-Frequency Analysis and Time-Varying Filtering
Paper #067 Djurovic Igor, Stankovic Ljubisa, Boehme Johann Myriad filter based form of the DFT
Paper #068 Tchobanou Mikhail, Woodburn Cynthia Implementation issues in 2-D filter bank design based on matrix
Paper #073 Eggers Joachim, Bäuml Robert, Tzschoppe Roman, Girod Bernd Inverse Mapping of SCS-Watermarked Data
Paper #075 Wan Qun, Peng Ying Ning An Approach to Direction of Arrival Estimation of Multiple Coherently Distributed Sources by Searching Maximum Eigenvalue
Paper #078 Oien Geir E., Holm Henrik, Hole Kjell J. Channel prediction for adaptive coded modulation in Rayleigh fading
Paper #081 Kuruoglu Ercan Engin, Bedini Luigi, Paratore Maria Teresa, Salerno Emanuele, Tonazzini Anna Component Separation in Astronomical Images Using Independent Factor Analysis
Paper #082 Bilcu Radu Ciprian, Kuosmanen Pauli, Egiazarian Karen Noise constrained LMS algorithm in transform domain
Paper #084 Jonsson Roland Bayesian Model Selection and Estimation of Multiple Cisoid Models
Paper #085 Moxey C E, Ell Todd, Sangwine Stephen Hypercomplex operators and vector correlation
Paper #086 Rodríguez Paul Radix-2 Multi-Dimensional Transposition-Free FFT Algorithm for Modern Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) Architectures
Paper #087 Marshall Stephen Optimum non linear document restoration through linear greyscale operators
Paper #089 Cyganek Boguslaw, Borgosz Jan A New Stereo Method Based on the Detector of Local Structures
Paper #094 Poor H. Vincent, Tanda Mario Asymptotic performance of a robust multiuser detector for fast-fading channels with impulsive noise
Paper #095 Bertalmío Marcelo, Caselles Vicent, Rougé Bernard, Solé Andrés Total variation image restoration with local constraints
Paper #096 Matsuda Ichiro, Itoh Susumu Video Coding Based on Seamless Combination of Motion Compensation and Matching Pursuits
Paper #097 Pollak Petr Efficient and Reliable Measurement and Simulation of Noisy Speech Background
Paper #098 Cvejic Nedeljko, Seppanen Tapio Audio prewhitening based on polynomial filtering for optimal watermark detection
Paper #099 Treetasanatavorn Siripong, Rauschenbach Uwe, Heuer Jörg, Kaup André Automatic Video Structuring for Multimedia Messaging