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Paper #200 Magli Enrico, Olmo Gabriella DPCM compression of SAR raw data
Paper #202 Puder Henning, Soffke Oliver An approach to an optimized voice-activity detector for noisy speech signals
Paper #204 Maj Jean Baptiste, Moonen Marc, Wouters Jan Theoretical analysis of adaptive noise reduction algorithms for hearing aids
Paper #205 Arroabarren Ixone, Zivanovic Miroslav, Carlosena Alfonso Analysis and Synthesis of Vibrato in Lyric Singers
Paper #206 Oliveira E Silva Tomas On the choice of a basis for a linear-in-the-parameters model
Paper #209 Lacoume Jean-Louis, Guy Canadas Blind deconvolution of seismic data
Paper #212 Marqués Ferran, Sobrevals Carles Facial feature segmentation from frontal view images
Paper #216 Farias Mylene, Carli Marco, Foley John, Mitra Sanjit Detectability and Annoyance of Artifacts in Watermarked Digital Videos
Paper #219 Aldea Rafael, Giurcaneanu Ciprian Doru Using stochastic complexity for ECG signal analysis
Paper #221 Tico Marius, Rusu Corneliu, Kuosmanen Pauli, Delp Edward Circle Fitting by Iterative Inversion
Paper #222 Chennamsetti Siva Ram Prasad, R Munish, CA Jalaludeen Speech Enhancement using Fast Hartley Transform
Paper #223 Sellami Noura, Fijalkow Inbar, Perreau Sylvie Performance analysis of a List-type equalizer over estimated MIMO frequency selective channels
Paper #225 Ben Slimane Rahmouni Amel, Bouzid Aicha, Ellouze Noureddine Wavelet decomposition of voiced speech and mathematical morphology analysis for glottal closure instants detection.
Paper #226 Lopez-Risueño Gustavo, Grajal Jesus, Yeste-Ojeda Omar A. Signal detection and classification using atomic decomposition
Paper #230 Barbedo Jayme, Ribeiro Moisés, Zuben Fernando, Lopes Amauri, Romano João Application of Kohonen Self-Organizing Maps to Improve the Performance of Objective Methods for Speech Quality Assessment
Paper #232 Woo Kam-Tim, Chan Kam-Fai, Kok Chi-Wah Vector Quantizer Design by Conjugate Gradient Optimized Hyperplane
Paper #233 Gil Pita Roberto, Rosa Zurera Manuel, Pérez-Cruz Fernando Improving lossy image compression Wavelet transform based algorithms by predicting discarded coefficients
Paper #236 Portefaix Christophe, Cavaro-Ménard Christine, Chapeau-Blondeau François Identification and modeling of fractal signals with iterated function systems
Paper #238 Djermoune El-hadi, Tomczak Marc Snr enhancement of damped exponential signals in noise
Paper #239 Divorra Escoda Oscar, Petrovic Ana, Vandergheynst Pierre Segmentation of natural images using scale-space representations: a linear and a non-linear approach
Paper #243 Gómez-Vilda Pedro, Álvarez-Marquina Agustín, Martínez-Olalla Rafael, Nieto-Lluís Víctor, Rodellar-Biarge Victoria Optimal Steering of a Negative Beamformer for Speech Enhancement
Paper #244 Delmaire Gilles, Lherbier Régis, Carlier Erick Two joint estimation decision methods for pollutant source monitoring : a comparison
Paper #245 Zanatta Filho Danilo, Cavalcante Charles C., Romano João, Resende Leonardo An LCMV-Based Approach for Downlink Beamforming in FDD Systems in Presence of Angular Spread
Paper #248 Aksasse Brahim, El Ansari Mohamed, Berthoumieu Yannick, Najim Mohamed High Resolution 3D Spectral Method Estimation
Paper #249 Combet François, Martin Nadine, Jaussaud Pierre Recovery of a high shock probability process using blind deconvolution
Paper #250 Coussy Philippe, Baganne Adel, Martin Eric IP Cores Integration in DSP System-On-Chip Designs
Paper #251 Izquierdo David, Berthoumieu Yannick High and low level object descriptions for video tracking process
Paper #253 Merckel Olivier, Fleury Gilles, Bolomey Jean-Charles Propagation model choice for rapid SAR measurement
Paper #255 Gutman Dan, Bistritz Yuval Speaker Verification using Phoneme-Adapted Gaussian Mixture Models
Paper #258 Kouno Toshikazu, Ohmori Hiromitsu, Sano Akira Adaptive Active Noise Control for Uncertain Secondary Pathes
Paper #259 Caspary Olivier Generalized Gerschgorin's theorem for source number detection
Paper #261 Azemi Ghasem, Senadji Bouchra, Boashash Boualem Instantaneous Frequency Estimation of Frequency Modulated Signals in the Presence of Multiplicative and Additive Noise: Application to Mobile Communication Systems
Paper #262 Chan Kam-Fai, Woo Kam-Tim, Kok Chi-Wah Vector Quantization Fast Search Algorithm using Hyperplane Based k-dimensional Multi-node Search Tree
Paper #264 So H.C., Ip S.K. A novel frequency estimator and its comparative performances for short record lenghts
Paper #265 Marti Pere, Sala Josep Fine Frequency Offset Estimation for OFDM Signals in Frequency Selective Channels
Paper #266 Lukac Rastislav Vector Directional Order-statistics for Impulse Detection
Paper #267 Yamada Kenichi, Tsuji Hiroyuki Using a model of scattering in a low-symbol-interference channel for array beamforming
Paper #271 Thiebaut Carole, Boër Michel, Bringer Mathieu Steps towards the development of an automatic classifier for astronomical images
Paper #272 Bastiaans Martin, Alieva Tatiana Rotation-type input-output-relationships for Wigner distribution moments in fractional Fourier transform systems
Paper #276 Fermo Andrea, Sicuranza Giovanni, Pahor Vojko A Pipelined Systolic Architecture for the Hardware Oriented Region Based Motion Estimation Algorithm
Paper #278 Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stirling Iain, Rice Garrey, Macpherson Kenneth, Freeland Graham 3G FDD Rapid Prototyping and Training
Paper #279 Accardo Agostino, D'addio Gianni, Maestri Roberto, Vitale Dario, Furgi Giorgio, Rengo Fabio fractal dimension and power-law behavior reproducibility and correlation in chronic heart failure patients
Paper #280 Nicolas Jean Marie Alpha-stable Positive Distributions : A New Approach Based on Second Kind Statistics.
Paper #281 Kornagel Ulrich Spectral widening of telephone speech using an extended classification approach
Paper #282 Kouamé Denis, Girault Jean-Marc, Chemla Jean-Paul, Reméniéras Jean-Pierre, Lethiecq Marc Nonstationary Methods and application to Noisy Ultrasound Doppler
Paper #284 Akcay Mahmut, Baskurt Atilla, Sankur Bulent Measuring similarity between color image regions
Paper #285 Raad Amani, Antoni Jérôme, Sidahmed Ménad Third-order Cyclic Characterization of Vibration Signals in Rotating Machinery
Paper #288 Saliu Sokol, Birand Ahmet, Kuadiberdieva Gulmira Bisprectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability
Paper #292 Játiva René, Vidal Josep Coarse First Arriving Path Detection for Subscriber Location in Mobile Communication Systems
Paper #293 Cardinal Jean, Elloumi Sourour, Labbé Martine Local Optimization of Index Assignments for Multiple Description Coding
Paper #294 Kamejima Kohji Structure Sensitive Sampling of Noisy Fractal Patterns
Paper #295 Ioana Cornel, Freza-Boin Krystel, Quinquis Andre Application of the overcomplete wavelet transform for underwater transitory signal characterization
Paper #296 Fék Márk, Várkonyi-Kóczy Annamária Rita, Boucher Jean-Marc Comparing scalar and Zn lattice based encoding of wavelet coefficients in sinusoidal plus wavelet packet coding
Paper #297 Rombouts Geert, Moonen Marc QRD-based optimal filtering for acoustic noise reduction