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Paper #300 Lachiri Zied, Ellouze Noureddine Wavelet packet based voiced / unvoiced classification in noisy environement
Paper #302 Watanabe Osamu, Kiya Hitoshi Lossless JPEG2000 Coding for Lossy Images and its Applications
Paper #303 Ito Rika, Fujie Tetsuya, Suyama Kenji, Hirabayashi Ryuichi New design method of FIR filters with SP2 coefficients based on a new linear programming relaxation with triangle inequalities
Paper #308 Ando Katsutoshi, Kobayashi Hiroyuki, Kiya Hitoshi A method for embedding binary data into JPEG2000 bit streams based on the layer structure
Paper #310 Enescu Mihai, Koivunen Visa Kalman Smoothing Based Channel Estimation for Space-Time Block Coding
Paper #311 Ammari Saloua, Wautier Armelle Rake Receiver Analytical Study for Td-Cdma Downlink Evaluation
Paper #312 Weber Rodolphe, Clerc Vincent, Denis Laurent, Rosolen Carlo High Performance Receiver for RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomy : Apllication at decameter wavelengths
Paper #314 Huez Regis, Perrin Eric, Sockalingum Ganesh, Manfait Michel blind source separation : application to microorganism raman spectra
Paper #315 Ahmadyfard Alireza, Kittler Josef Enhancement of ARG Object Recognition Method
Paper #318 Colotte Vincent, Laprie Yves Higher precision pitch marking for TD-PSOLA
Paper #319 Resende Leonardo, Rocha Carlos Aurélio, Bellanger Maurice Degradation Analysis for Interpolated Wiener Filtering
Paper #320 Ceyssens Tim, Verhelst Werner, Wambacq Patrick On the construction of a pitch conversion system
Paper #321 Sirbu Marius, Koivunen Visa Propagation delay estimation in asynchronous DS/CDMA using multiple antennas
Paper #322 Spors Sascha, Rabenstein Rudolf A Multidimensional State-Space Approach for the Numerical Simulation of Sound Propagation in Enclosures
Paper #323 De Lathauwer Lieven, De Moor Bart On the blind separation of non-circular sources
Paper #324 Souza Richard, Resende Leonardo, Rocha Carlos Aurélio, Bellanger Maurice Multi-Split Equalizers for HDSL Channels
Paper #325 Holobar Ales, Févotte Cédric, Doncarli Christian, Zazula Damjan Single autoterms selection for blind source separation in time-frequency plane
Paper #328 Niemistö Riitta, Mäkelä Tuomo, Myllylä Ville Robust Fast Affine Projection Algorithm for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Paper #330 Luengo David, Pantaleón Carlos, Santamaria Ignacio Bayesian Estimation of Discrete Chaotic Signals by MCMC
Paper #331 Sarti Augusto, Defferara Claudio, Negroni Fabio, Tubaro Stefano The epipolar constraint in geometric algebra and the self-calibration problem
Paper #334 Mielikainen Jarno, Toivanen Pekka Improved Vector Quantization for Lossless Compression of AVIRIS Images
Paper #336 Babic Djordje, Renfors Markku Programmable Modified Fractional Comb Decimation Filter
Paper #340 Lehtinen Vesa, Renfors Markku Truncation Noise Analysis of Noise Shaping DSP Systems with Application to CIC Decimators
Paper #341 Menard Daniel, Quemerais Philippe, Sentieys Olivier Influence of fixed-point DSP architecture on computation accuracy
Paper #342 Ozmen Atilla, Tufan Akman Emir Edge Detection using Steerable Filters and CNN
Paper #343 Radoi Emanuel, Quinquis Andre, Totir Felix Achieving superresolution by subspace eigenanalysis in multidimensional spaces
Paper #344 Bouteille Franck, Scalart Pascal, Kovesi Balazs Packet Loss Concealment Using Audio Morphing
Paper #345 Gelli Giacinto, Darsena Donatella, Verde Francesco A time-frequency synchronization algorithm for MC-CDMA systems in LMDS applications
Paper #346 Malasne Nicolas, Yang Fan, Paindavoine Michel Real time implementation of a face tracking
Paper #348 Pascual Iserte Antonio, Pérez-Neira Ana I., Pérez Palomar Daniel, Lagunas Hernández Miguel Ángel Power Allocation Techniques for Joint Beamforming in OFDM-MIMO Channels
Paper #350 Simitopoulos Dimitrios, Tzovaras Dimitrios, Strintzis Michael Image compression for indexing based on the encoding cost map
Paper #351 Alberti Claudio, Romeo Antonio, Mattavelli Marco, Mlynek Daniel An interpreted approach to multimedia streams protection
Paper #352 Tabus Ioan, Rissanen Jorma, Astola Jaakko A classifier based on normalized maximum likelihood model for classes of Boolean regression models
Paper #353 Vanbleu Koen, Ysebaert Geert, Moonen Marc, Vandaele Piet Combined equalization and alien crosstalk cancellation in ADSL receivers
Paper #355 Raos Ivana, Zazo Santiago, Páez-Borrallo José-Manuel MC-CDMA with Prolate Spheroidal Functions-based Orthogonal Codes
Paper #356 Brossier Jean-Marc, Amblard Pierre-Olivier, Geller Benoît Self-adaptive PLL for general QAM constellations.
Paper #357 Martin-Clemente Ruben, Acha Jose A new cumulant-based criterion for iterative blind source separation
Paper #358 Vaton Sandrine, Chonavel Thierry, Saoudi Samir Iterative multi-user detection and decoding for turbo coded DS-CDMA systems
Paper #361 Grosicki Emmanuele, Abed Meraim Karim, Muhammad Wrya Joint angle and delay estimation using uniform circular array receiver
Paper #363 Jaffrot Emmanuel, Nguyen Van, Soamiadana Marcella, White Langford, Fijalkow Inbar Symbol by symbol reduced complexity highly selective OFDM channel estimation
Paper #364 Muhammad Wrya, Grosicki Emmanuele, Abed Meraim Karim, Delmas Jean-Pierre, Desbouvries Francois Uplink versus downlink wirless mobile positioning in umts cellular radio systems
Paper #365 Ferréol Anne, Chevalier Pascal, Albera Laurent higher order blind separation of non zero-mean cyclostationary sources
Paper #367 Laot Christophe, Lebidan Raphael, Leroux Dominique multiple-input turbo equalization over time-varying frequency selective channels
Paper #370 Le Guelvouit Gaetan, Pateux Stephane, Guillemot Christine Information-theoretic resolution of perceptual WSS watermarking of non i.i.d Gaussian signals
Paper #371 Figueras I Ventura Rosa M., Vandergheynst Pierre, Frossard Pascal Evolutionary Multiresolution Matching Pursuit and its relations with the Human Visual System
Paper #372 Ferreira Paulo, Kempf Achim The energy expense of superoscillations
Paper #374 Siohan Pierre, Pinchon Didier, Siclet Cyrille A fast design method for biorthogonal modulated filter banks
Paper #375 Ferreira Paulo, Pinho Armando Histogram packing, total variation, and lossless image compression
Paper #376 Castella Marc, Pesquet Jean-Christophe, Petropulu Athina P. New contrasts for blind separation of non iid sources in the convolutive case
Paper #379 Guainazzo Marco, Peluffo Marta, Sacchi Claudio, Regazzoni Carlo A higher-order-statistics based blind interference cancellator for asynchronous DS/CDMA systems
Paper #380 Ortega Alfonso, Lleida Eduardo, Masgrau Enrique DSP to improve oral communication inside vehicles
Paper #382 González-López Miguel, Dapena Adriana, Castedo Luis MAP Space-Time Receivers for GSM in Subway Tunnel Environments
Paper #383 Oberti Franco, Marcenaro Lucio, Regazzoni Carlo Real-time change detection methods for video-surveillance systems with mobile camera
Paper #384 Kwan Man-Wai, Kok Chi-Wah Channel Precoder with Nonuniform Sampling Equalizer
Paper #385 Rice Garrey, Stirling Iain, Garcia-Alis Daniel, Stewart R. W. A Novel Channel Estimation Algorithm Applied to UTRA-FDD
Paper #386 Dugelay Jean-Luc, Garcia Emmanuel Protection of 3-D object usage through texture watermarking
Paper #388 Rouas Jean-Luc, Farinas Jérôme, Pellegrino François Merging Segmental, Rhythmic and Fundamental Frequency Features for Automatic Language Identification
Paper #389 Mullins Sinead, Heneghan Conor Alternative Least Mean Square Adaptive Filter Architectures for Implementation on Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Paper #391 Aziz Mohamed, Boussakta Said Parallelisation of the Overlap-Add Block-Filter Algorithm for Image Processing
Paper #392 Dominguez Jimenez M. Elena, Gonzalez Prelcic Nuria Polynomial extension method for size-limited paraunitary filter banks
Paper #393 Tobias Orlando J., Seara Rui Performance Comparison of the FXLMS, Nonlinear FXLMS and Leaky FXLMS Algorithms in Nonlinear Active Control Applications
Paper #394 Zerguine Azzedine A Time-Varying Normalized Mixed-Norm LMS-LMF Algorithm
Paper #395 Kragh Thomas, Hero Alfred Image Resolution-Variance Tradeoffs Using the Uniform Cramer-Rao Bound
Paper #396 Mary David, Slock Dirk Backward adaptive transform coding of vectorial signals: a comparison between unitary and causal approaches
Paper #397 Linardatos Dionisis, Kalouptsidis Nicholas Synthesis of minimal cost nonlinear feedback shift registers
Paper #399 Vasilache Adriana, Tabus Ioan LSF quantization with multiple scale lattice VQ for transmission over noisy channels