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Paper #500 Fleury Gilles, Hero Alfred, Yoshida Shigeo, Carter Todd, Barlow Carollee, Swaroop Anand Pareto Analysis for Gene Filtering in Microarray Experiments
Paper #503 Xie X.M., Chan S.C., Yuk T. I. A Class of Perfect-Reconstruction Nonuniform Cosine-Modulated Filter-Banks with Dynamic Recombination
Paper #505 Huang Yufei, Djuric Petar A blind particle filtering detector for joint channel estimation, tracking and data detection over flat fading channels
Paper #507 Lawabni Abed Elhamid, Tewfik Ahmed A Scalable and Reliable Hybrid Scheme for Image Multicast Applications
Paper #509 Míguez Joaquín, Bugallo Monica Likelihood-Based Selection of Filtering Parameters
Paper #510 Stasinski Ryszard, Konrad Janusz Improved POCS-based image reconstruction from irregularly-spaced samples
Paper #511 Dar Ghulam Raza, Chan Cheung Fat Enhancing quality of CELP coded speech via wideband extension by using voicing GMM interpolation and HNM re-synthesis
Paper #512 Rosca Justinian, Balan Radu, Fan Ning Ping, Beaugeant Christophe, Gilg Virginie Multichannel Voice Detection in Adverse Environments
Paper #514 Benazza-Benyahia Amel, Pesquet Jean-Christophe A Block-Based Predictive Lossless Coder for Quincunx Multispectral Images
Paper #515 Valbonesi Lucia, Ansari Rashid, McNeill David, Quek Francis, Duncan Susan, McCullough Karl-Eric Multimodal signal analysis of prosody and hand motion: temporal correlation of speech and gestures
Paper #516 Sersic Damir, Vrankic Miroslav 2-D Nonseparable Wavelet Filter Bank With Adaptive Filter Parameters
Paper #518 Doclo Simon, Moonen Marc Design of Far-Field Broadband Beamformers Using Eigenfilters
Paper #522 Carton-Vandecandelaere Marie-Paule, Vozel Benoit, Klaine Luc, Chehdi Kacem Application to Multispectral Images of a Blind Identification System For Blur, Additive, Multiplicative and Impulse Noises
Paper #524 Hooli Kari, Juntti Markku Interference Suppression in WCDMA Downlink by Symbol-Level Channel Equalization
Paper #526 Denis Florence, Davignon Franck, Baskurt Atilla Steerable pyramid for contrast enhancement and directional structures detection
Paper #527 Luthon Franck, Lievin Marc Entropy Power for Thresholding Technique in Image Processing
Paper #528 Evans Nicholas, Mason John Time-frequency Quantile-based Noise Estimation
Paper #530 Olmos Salvador, Martinez Juan Pablo, Sörnmo Leif Subspace detectors for multichannel signals
Paper #531 Cowper Mark, Mulgrew Bernard, Unsworth Charles Radial basis functions: normalised or un-normalised?
Paper #532 Guédon Jean-pierre, Normand Nicolas Spline Mojette transform. Applications in tomography and communications
Paper #535 Bartolomé Diego, Pérez-Neira Ana I. Exploiting the Cyclic Prefix for Beamforming in OFDM Receivers
Paper #536 Alparone Luciano, Argenti Fabrizio, Torricelli Gionatan Modelling and assessment of signal-dependent noise for image de-noising
Paper #537 Signoroni Alberto, Leonardi Riccardo Volume Simplification and Segmentation by 3D Connected Operators
Paper #539 Trindade Antonio, Van Der Veen Alle-Jan Semiblind Direct Equalisation using Mutually Referenced Equalisers
Paper #541 Rares Andrei, Reinders Marcel J.T., Biemond Jan Restoration of Films Affected by Partial Color Artefacts
Paper #543 Sangwine Stephen, Gatsheni Barnabas, Ell Todd Linear Colour-Dependent Image Filtering based on Vector Decomposition
Paper #546 Franzen Ortwin, Schröder Hartmut Nonlinear Polyphase Image Rate Conversion
Paper #547 Leutelt Lutz, Heute Ulrich Voice Conversion: Adaptation of Relative Local Speech Rate by MPEG-4 HVXC
Paper #548 Fresse Virginie, Marshall Stephen, Deforges Olivier A high-level development tool dedicated to the generation of cores for the implementation of image-processing applications
Paper #551 Ciblat Philippe, Vandendorpe Luc On the Maximum-Likelihood based data-aided frequency offset and channels estimates
Paper #552 Aiazzi Bruno, Baronti Stefano, Capanni Annalisa, Santurri Leonardo, Vitulli Raffaele Advantages of Hexagonal Sampling Grids and Hexagonal Shape Detector Elements in Remote Sensing Imagers
Paper #554 Cornet Frederic, Bazile Caroline, Duverdier Alban Use of fade mitigation techniques for broadcasting and news gathering satellite applications in Ka band
Paper #557 Labarre David, Grivel Eric, Berthoumieu Yannick, Najim Mohamed A stochastic sinusoidal model with application to speech and EEG-sleep spindle signals
Paper #558 Sarti Augusto, Milanesi Giovanni, Tubaro Stefano Real-time video analysis for intrusion detection in indoor environments
Paper #559 Hassanpour Hamid, Mesbah Mostefa, Boashash Boualem Time-frequency analysis of high-frequency activity for seizure detection and tracking in neonate
Paper #560 Asano Futoshi, Asoh Hideki Blind speech enhancement using generalized eigenvalue decomposition
Paper #561 Nagel Jean-Luc, Stadelmann Patrick, Ansorge Michael, Pellandini Fausto A Low-Power VLSI Architecture for Face Verification Using Elastic Graph Matching
Paper #562 Stadelmann Patrick, Nagel Jean-Luc, Ansorge Michael, Pellandini Fausto A Multiscale Morphological Coprocessor For Low-Power Face Authentication
Paper #564 Ma Changxue, Wei YuanJun Improve Speech Recognition in Mobile Environment by Dynamical Noise Model Adaptation
Paper #566 Garcia-Armada Ana, Cioffi John M. Performance of single-user and multi-user constant-energy bit loading in Hiperlan channels
Paper #567 Hannuksela Miska, Wang Ye-Kui, Gabbouj Moncef Sub-Picture Video Coding for Unequal Error Protection
Paper #573 Maddikonda Ravikanth, K. Adhikary Tushar A low-complexity postprocessing algorithm for block based video coding
Paper #574 Tomé Ana Maria, Ferreira Nuno On-line Source Separation of Temporally Correlated Signals
Paper #578 Hioka Yusuke, Hamada Nozomu Voice Activity Detection with Array Signal Processing in the Wavelet Domain
Paper #580 Hory Cyril, Martin Nadine Mixture Densities Formulation of a Spectrogram Segmentation Task
Paper #587 Amira Abbes, Bouridane Ahmed, Roula Mohammed Ali, Kurugollu Fatih An FPGA Based Parametrisable System for Discrete Orthogonal Transforms Implementation
Paper #589 Harris Fred, Bologna Frank Joint Zero-Forcing and Matched Filter Processing in an Adaptive Equalizer Using the Linearly Constrained Least-Mean Square Algorithm
Paper #590 Vainio Olli General parameter-based adaptive predictors
Paper #591 Bonacci David, Michel Patrice, Mailhes Corinne Subband decomposition and frequency warping for spectral estimation
Paper #594 Ramesh S, Palanivel S, Das Sukhendu, Yegnanarayana B Eigenedginess vs. eigenhill, eigenface and eigenedge
Paper #595 Sasou Akira, Tanaka Kazuyo A waveform generation model based approach for segregation of monaural mixture sound
Paper #596 Jafari Maria, Chambers Jonathon Time-scale approach to blind source separation
Paper #597 Mayorga Pedro, Lamy Richard, Besacier Laurent Recovering of Packet Loss for Distributed Speech Recognition
Paper #598 Hoelper Carsten, Frankort Astrid, Erdmann Christoph, Vary Peter A Novel Voiced / Unvoiced / Silence Classification Scheme for Offline Speech Coding