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Paper #600 Bercher Jean-Francois, Vignat Christophe A Renyi Entropy convolution inequality with Application
Paper #602 Faúndez-Zanuy Marcos, Nilsson Mattias, Kleijn Bastiaan On the relevance of bandwith extension for speaker identification
Paper #604 Kolokotronis Nicholas, Gatt George, Kalouptsidis Nicholas On the generation of sequences simulating higher order white noise for system identification
Paper #607 Hino Masatoshi, Hamada Nozomu Gradient-based motion vector estimation using variable block shape
Paper #608 Abramovich Yuri, Spencer Nicholas DOA estimation performance breakdown: a new approach to prediction and cure
Paper #609 Gardner William, Subramaniam Anand, Rao Bhaskar Comprehensive Evaluation of Theoretical approximations for Spectral quantization performance
Paper #610 Nagano Koji Blind detection of an elliptically polarized wave in three-component seismic measurement
Paper #616 Michel Olivier, Hero Alfred Theory and application of entropic-graph based I-divergence estimation
Paper #617 Monin Andre, Salut Gerard Optimal filtering of LORAN-C signal via particle filtering - Simulation results
Paper #619 Dapena Adriana, Serviere Christine A new way to invert the sliding Fourier transform and its application to signal separation
Paper #620 Paatero Tuomas An Audio Motivated Hybrid of Warping and Kautz Filter Techniques
Paper #621 Faucon Gérard, Le Bouquin-Jeannès Régine, Conze Jean-Pierre Statistical analysis of a linear relation between noisy repetitive signals
Paper #622 White Paul Estimation of Spatial Spectra in a Non-stationary Environment
Paper #624 Ferrari Andréa, Cavallin Yoann Extension of Whittle likelihood to transient signal parameters estimation. Application to stellar speckle interferometry.
Paper #625 Stapert Robert, Mason John Time sequence information within a Gaussian mixture model
Paper #627 Bagni Daniele, Borneo Antonio, Celetto Luca Efficient IDCT Implementations on VLIW Processors
Paper #629 Sayadi Mounir, Fnaiech Farhat, Mahlouthi Ahmed, Chaari Abdelkader, Najim Mohamed A New Two-Dimensional Fast Adaptive Filter Based on the Chandrasekhar Algorithm
Paper #630 Debbah Mérouane, Loubaton Philippe, De Courville Marc linear precoders for ofdm wireless communications with mmse equalization: facts and results
Paper #632 Dargent Régis, Lavialle Olivier, Orsoni Bruno, Baylou Pierre, Melchior Pierre Fast Marching and Traveltime Images: 8-Neighbourhood Approach
Paper #633 Klajman Maurice, Constantinides Anthony G. A weighted mixed statistics algorithm for blind source separation
Paper #634 Spagnolini Umberto, Nicoli Monica, Simeone Osvaldo A multi-slot method to estimate fast-varying channels in TD-CDMA systems
Paper #635 Sarti Augusto, Tubaro Stefano Efficient Geometry-Based Sound Reverberation
Paper #637 Petraglia Mariane, Vasconcellos Renata Comparative analysis of adaptive subband structures with critical sampling
Paper #638 Desai Mukund, Mangoubi Rami Robust non-Gaussian Matched Subspace Detectors
Paper #642 Yeredor Arie, Doron Eran Using Farther Correlations to Further Improve the Optimally-Weighted SOBI Algrithm
Paper #643 Gnaba Hela, Scalart Pascal, Turki Monia, Jaidane Mériem Combined Acoustic Echo Canceller for the GSM Network
Paper #645 Touati Sami, Pesquet Jean-Christophe Wavelet-thresholding for bispectrum estimation
Paper #650 Vicente Luis, Masgrau Enrique Analysis of LMS algorithm with delayed coefficient adaptation for sinusoidal reference
Paper #652 Mouchtaris Athanasios, Narayanan Shrikanth, Kyriakakis Chris Effcient Multichannel Audio Resynthesis by Subband-Based Spectral Conversion
Paper #656 Saruwatari Hiroshi, Kawamura Toshiya, Sawai Katsuyuki, Shikano Kiyohiro, Kaminuma Atsunobu, Sakata Masao Evaluation of Fast-Convergence Algorithm for ICA-Based Blind Source Separation of Real Convolutive Mixture
Paper #658 Sucic Victor, Boashash Boualem Selecting the optimal time-frequency distribution for real-life multicomponent signals under given constraints
Paper #659 Klumpp Eric, Mailhes Corinne Spectral estimation using dynamical system theory
Paper #660 Cavallin Yoann, Ferrari Andréa, Lanteri Henri Spectral Modes Estimation using Whittle-type Criterion, Applications to stellar speckle interferometry.
Paper #662 Saini Rajesh, Cherniakov Mike Investigation of Digital TV-Terrestrial Signal for Radar Application
Paper #663 Shahhsoeini Hadi Shahriar, Naseri Ali, Naderi Madjid A New Matrix Method for Pulse Train Identification
Paper #664 Abid Sabeur, Fnaiech Farhat, Najim Mohamed A new neural network pruning method based on the singular value decomposition and the weight initialisation
Paper #665 Georgiou Panayiotis G., Chris Kyriakakis A Robust Array Signal Processing Maximum Likelihood Estimator Based on Sub-Gaussian Signals
Paper #666 Pikrakis Aggelos, Theodoridis Sergios, Kamarotos Dimitris Recognition of Isolated Musical Patterns using Context Dependent Dynamic Time Warping
Paper #668 Domanski Marek, Mackowiak Slawomir, Blaszak Lukasz Efficient Structure of Video Coders with Motion-Compensated Fine-Granularity Scalability
Paper #669 Deviren Murat, Daoudi Khalid Continuous Speech Recognition Using Structural Learning of Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Paper #670 Doulamis Nikolaos, Doulamis Anastasios, Ntalianis Klimis Recursive Non-Linear Autoregressive Models (RNAR): Application to Traffic Prediction of MPEG Video Sources
Paper #674 Glotin Herve Posteriors correction using feedback synthesis loop in robust ASR
Paper #675 Baudry Severine, Ngueyen Philippe, Maitre Henri Use of synchronisation pattern to estimate geometric distortions
Paper #679 Larbi Sonia, Jaidane Mériem, Moreau Nicolas Audiowatermark Detection for All-pass Pirat Attack: Hybrid Blind Equalization/Wienr Deconvolution Approach
Paper #680 Vassaux Boris, Nguyen Philippe, Baudry Severine, Bas Patrick, Chassery Jean-Marc Scrambling-based Watermarking for MPEG-4 Video