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Welcome to the electronic proceedings of the Eusipco'2002 conference. While designing this CD-ROM, we kept continuously in mind two objectives: archiving efficiently the contributions presented during the conference and providing an intuitive, yet powerful search facility.

We also committed in ensuring a complete independence with respect to the navigator or plate forme. As a matter of fact, even text-mode browsers such as Links can be used.

Navigation in the proceedings
The options available for navigation are displayed on the menu located in the banner (the banner is present on the top of each page). The available archives (from Programme to List) are further detailed in the next column.

Clicking in the area located above the menu (in the banner) brings you back to the opening page. When clicked on, the three labels located on the bottom right corner of banner display information about the conference organisation, this help page and information about Eusipco'2004 which will be held in Vienna .

Finally, below the banner on the left you will find information about the logical location of the page currently displayed.

We hope you will enjoy using these electronic proceedings.
Display the conference programme day by day, session by session.

Provide a search facility based on the last name of an author.

Click on a letter to search through the authors according to the first letter of their last name.

Provide a search facility based on keywords.

Click on a letter to select all papers for which one keyword begins with the selected letter.

Paper codes
Provide a search facility based on the three-figure code assigned to the paper.

Click on a figure (from 0xx to 7xx) to select all papers for which the paper-code begins with the selected figure.

Display a list of all papers. The papers are sorted according to the paper-code.

This page is meant to be used with the find facility available in all browsers. This facility is usually located in the Edit (Edition) menu.